Tuesday, 5 March 2013

BAIBS Tuesday 5/03/13

So there's a little lighthouse appeared on my phone shrouded in fog. I know it's fog because it has the word fog next to it just to clarify. I'm glad about that because I've been struggling with the whole fog/mist thing. Reading out the weather reports and it says fog turning to mist then back to fog. What's the difference? I feel I should know. In  fact I'm gonna investigate.

The general consensus seems to be they are one and the same but if visibility is less than 1km it's fog, more than 1km it's mist. Basically fog's thicker. Probably sat at the back of the class throwing paper aeroplanes while mist was beavering away with his head in a book. It's also possible that fog is just a depressed cloud. I quote, 'Fog is a cloud that has sunk as low as it can go.' There's also a little bit that says mist, but not fog, can form on humid days above a lake or a pond. This surely disproves the one and the same thing doesn't it?

I was once walking home one night down Thorne Road and a fog had formed on the Town Fields, but only on the bottom half and only about 3 feet deep. My drunken self decided to check this out. It was definitely fog because as I stood in it I couldn't see my feet. I'm tall but that's definitely less than 1km visibility. Someone else had had the same idea. I could see the top half of some guy gliding through the fog. I ducked into the sad cloud, scampered about 20 yards and popped up again. I could see from the shaking shoulders my fellow fog wanderer found it amusing. He did the same thing. We took it in turns doing this for about 20 minutes. What I didn't realise was that he was walking his dog. Who walks a dog in thick fog at 2am!? On my next crouching run I got waylaid by a Great Dane that leapt on me from nowhere. I can't repeat what I said. I died a little though.

I got annoyed in the gym today. I'd left my iPod in my locker and was subjected to a rave being blasted at me before I relented and went back for my iPod and the sanctuary of tunes. I guess the gym owners work on some bpm thing. I tried to concentrate on a tv but Olly Murs was on giving bad interview. 'If I played all the songs I wanted to live the show would last nearly 2 hours and that's just too long.' WHAT!!? Good to see the twat in the hat believes in giving value for money. There was other stuff but I promised myself a none ranting blog today.

Before my eyebrows showed their weakness again I checked out the sign in the market car park cos I think I may have misread it last time. I can confirm it says: 'Disabled Parking. (Blue Rinse Squad). Only apples in the 22 desecrated disabled baps.' It's possible I'm wrong again.

Anyway, enough of this. I must away. Tish tish stout yeoman and fare thee well.



Playlist Tuesday 5/03/13

Tom Hark - The Piranhas
Hedonism - Skunk Anansie
Bats - The Darlingtons
What A Day That Was - Talking Heads
AKA What A Life - Noel Gallagher
Tragedy Of Artists - Shade Of Red
Open Your Eyes - Snow Patrol
Antarctica - Sound Of Guns
Give Me Hope Joanna - Eddy Grant
She's Attracted To - The Young Knives
Broken Stones - Paul Weller
The Size Or A Cow - The Wonderstuff
Dead And Gone - The Black Keys
All Together Now - The Farm
Days Are Forgotten - Kasabian
Smile - The Supernaturals
Abraham, Martin And John - The Bible
Teenage Kicks - The Undertones
It Starts And Ends With You - Suede
Another Day - Tenek
Every Breath You Take - The Police
Private Investigations - Dire Straits
What Do I Get? - The Buzzcocks
The Distance - Funeral For A Friend
Wrecking Ball - Bruce Springsteen
Smooth - New Killer Shoes
Letter From America - The Proclaimers
Sacrilege - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Three Minute Hero - The Selecter
Bizarre Love Triangle - New Order
Signal 30 - Public Broadcasting Service
Have A Nice Day - Stereophonics
Hit The North - The Fall
There's A Ghost In My House - The Fall
The Boy With The Thorn In His Side - The Smiths
Hold Me - Tom Odell
Midnight Wave - Two Wounded Birds
Egyptian Reggae - Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers

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