Friday, 8 March 2013

BAIBS Friday 8/03/13

Schoolboy error today. I forgot to charge my iPod. Actually is it a schoolboy error? When I was at school there was no such thing as an iPod. There was no such thing as Sony Walkman. And I can't imagine any schoolboy today would forget to charge his iPod. We'll start again.

Error today. Forgot to charge my iPod. I managed to get all of The Associates' Party Fears Two but it packed up halfway through The Enemy's Like A Dancer.

Back in a mo. Writing this has reminded me to put my iPod on charge.

Sorted. So I had to endure the piped music at the gym today. That is piped over the speakers, not via a piper stood in the corner. I'd have walked out had that been the case. The dance music thrust in my general direction is marginally better than bagpipe music. Still makes me angry though. One pumping tune seem to be imploring me to eat mac and cheese. Why would a gym do that? I tried to block it out by once again immersing myself in what was on TV only to see Alan Titchmarsh interviewing Jeffrey Archer. What warped mind thought that would be acceptable viewing apart from in the raging pits of Hell? Archer found himself being interviewed on 5 Live by Richard Bacon earlier this week too. Why is this detestable,odious ex-con being given airtime? Well he's got a new book out obviously.

The suit stealing* perjurer may well be the greatest author this country's ever produced. First Among Equals may make Birdsong read like a children's book. (If you've not read Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks then rectify this at once). Thing is, I'll never know. I could never read a book written by someone who this week came out with the staggering statement, 'Being disadvantaged is an advantage in life.' Yes it's so much better to be worrying where the next meal is coming from rather than live without worry in comfort.

There was a cooking segment on the show. I guess the chef (no idea who) deserves credit for standing next to Archer whilst holding a sharp knife and only filleting a lump of beef/pork/horse. No idea what it was.

*('While he was a witness in the Aquablast case in Toronto in 1977, Archer was accused of taking three suits from a department store, an accusation he denied for many years. However, in the late 1990s, Archer finally acknowledged that he had indeed taken the suits, although he claimed that at the time he had not realised he had left the shop.[4] No charges were brought'. Hadn't realised he'd left the shop!? I'm trying that one in Asda tomorrow).

Only a similar note I'm having to rethink my wish list having recently found out Helena Bonham Carter's a Tory. I'm desperately trying to seek evidence to the contrary. It's got me reeling so much though that I've just put milk and coffee whitener in my coffee.

And relax. It's a weekend but I've allowed myself to get angry. Seeing prisoner FF 8282 on TV does that to me. 

My daughter's 16th tomorrow. Ouch. Actually it doesn't bother me in the slightest. She's looked in her late teens for years now but thankfully has so much intelligence and common sense I've never worried about her. BUT I used to be a teenage lad and I know how they think. It's them I  worry about.

George has excellent musical taste. She educates me, I'd never heard of Frank Turner for example til she put me onto him.And she's my favourite gigging partner though again I do tend to spend more time watching the boys watching her than the band we've gone to see. The joys of parenthood.

I've shopped relatively easily for her present. Helps so much when she says, 'Dad I'd like this please from that shop.'

And stop. Have a great weekend.



Playlist Friday 8/03/13

Tom Hark - The Piranhas
Wake Up Boo - The Boo Radleys
This Is Real - The Enemy
Goodbye Life (acoustic) - Famous Villains
One Drop - P.I.L.
Hey There Delilah - Plain White Ts 
One More Shot - The Rolling Stones
Getting Away With It - Electronic
Somewhere Only We Know - Keane
The KKK Took My Baby Away - The Ramones
This Is Not A Game - Skunk Anansie
Sacrilege - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Alright - The Subways
Telegraph Road - Dire Straits
Monster - The Automatic
Club Foot - Kasabian
Alright - Supergrass
Hot Fruit - Gaz Coombes
I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor - Arctic Monkeys
Rock N' Roll - Led Zeppelin
Don't Go - Kiziah And The Kings
Chance - Big Country
Taste It - Jake Bugg
The Cutter - Echo And The Bunnymen
I Wish I Was Someone Better - Blood Red Shoes
I Don't Feel Amazing Now - Guillemots
Hold On - Don Broco
Last Train To Clarksville - The Monkees
Cindy Incidentally - The Faces
Chemicals - Various Cruelties
Fire - The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown
God And Satan - Biffy Clyro
Special Brew - Bad Manners
This Ladder Is Ours - The Joy Formidable
Are Friends Electric? - Tubeway Army
Paranoid - Black Sabbath
Hey Ho - The Beeds
Egyptian Reggae - Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers

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