Wednesday, 26 June 2013

BAIBS Wednesday 26/06/13

Decided on the alternative walk home route today. Along Littlemoor Lane and up St. John's as oppose to along Balby Road and down St. John's. I realise that if you don't know Balby this means nothing so apologies to the many nationalities who read this, and there are somewhat humblingly many, who won't have a clue what I'm on about. Humblingly's not a word apparently. It is now. Anyway, it's a much more pleasant route. The traffic on Balby Road is constant, filthy and dangerous. I am exactly the same height as a double decker bus' wing mirrors.

Bloody tangents! Said alternative route takes me past one of the most pointless streets in Donny, Firth Street. Actually that's not true. It's not a pointless street. It's the only way to get to Orchard Street, where I bought my first house many, many years ago. My point is this, and I'm aware my point is way more pointless than Firth Street. It has no houses on it. Not one letterbox. It's sole purpose is to connect Littlemoor Lane to Orchard Street. So my point is, does it need a name? No one lives there. No one delivers there. It's a waste of a name that a more deserving stretch of tarmac could have had.

I'll be honest that was a lot of words for something that's been bugging me for 25 years or so and I'm not really sure why it bugs me.

One of the downsides of the up St. John's route is I always walk past my house. Always. No idea why. It's just never where I think it should be.

I am now resigned to the fact that no matter how many times I tell myself I will always sing and dance to my iPod, so if you see a tall chap with long grey hair prancing towards you try not to panic, unlike the lass this morning. It was a most unfortunate spot of timing. Just as an attractive lass walked past, whilst on her phone, I sang The Jags line 'I've got your number written on the back of my hand.' Took me a moment to realise why she looked so perturbed. I tell you, you couldn't make this up. Well, you can 'cos I did. I did get some odd looks as per though as I danced down the road, just past Firth Street actually.

Interesting show this morning .I walked into the studio, flicked the light switch only to be greeted by a pop and the total failure of every light in there. Sadly I had no access to the fusebox so did the first hour and a half of the show in near darkness. Many thanks to everyone who got in touch with suitable songs for my predicament, initiated by JJ. Suggestions ranged from Candle In The Wind to Relight My Fire to Blinded By The Light (I went with that one - original Springsteen version of course) and many more. In fact they're still coming in and I've been off air for 3 hours.

On a brief footnote I've always liked the Manfred Mann version of Blinded By The Light (and their version is technically Springsteen's only US Number One) but myself and Steve Holmes once decided to play Bruce's original and the Manfred Mann version back to back on The Hallcross jukebox and I can only apologise to the latter for making them sound woeful.

You will notice in today's playlist a rare triple play. Doesn't happen often. As you know I trawl the internet for notable birthdays to mention on the show and then play something relevant. Today is Mick Jones  birthday and if The Clash don't merit a triple play then no-one does! Still The Last Gang In Town.



Playlist Wednesday 26/06/13

Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag - Pigbag
Good Morning Britain - Aztec Camera ft Mick Jones
Vlad The Impaler - Kasabian
Banana Republic - The Boomtown Rats
Can Stand The Rain - The Talks
Blood, Sweat And Tears - The D.O.T.
Last Nite - The Strokes
Wasteland - The Mission
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out - The Smiths
Start To Run - Dexters
Cemetry - Bang Bang Romeo
Flying Saucer - The Wedding Present
Too Bad (That's Sad) - Edwyn Collins
The Opener - The Courteeners
Blinded By The Light - Bruce Springsteen
Getting Away With It - Electronic
Like A Dancer - The Enemy
Heavyweight Champion Of The World - Reverend And The Makers
Elysium - Section 60
National Express - The Divine Comedy
Medicine Show - Big Audio Dynamite
The KKK Took My Baby Away - The Ramones
Don't Look Back Into The Sun - The Libertines
Heart Of Glass - Blondie
Lost Innocent World - Gogol Bordello
Bed And Breakfast Man - Madness
Melody Calling - The Vaccines
Cassius - Foals
Have You Ever Had It Blue - The Style Council
Postcard - Southern Sunrise
Safe European Home - The Clash
I Fought The Law - The Clash
Lost In The Supermarket - The Clash
Diane Young - Vampire Weekend
Rave On - Buddy Holly
Victims - Culture Club
The Way I Tend To Be - Frank Turner
Shake It Out - Florence And The Machine
Teenage Knife Gang - Black Spiders
Egyptian Reggae - Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers

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