Friday, 21 June 2013

BAIBS Friday 21/06/13

I've always thought Fridays should be easy. I nice stroll into the weekend but I find myself confused. I hate to be confused. Especially on a Friday. Appleberry. This is one of my confusing issues. A chap on the bus (yes the new fitness regime is still going strong) was drinking some energy drink containing appleberry. Surely that's not real. Remember the ylang ironing water incident though? I've been caught out before. Come here google my old friend.

Right, Appleberry. It's either a company that makes scarves, a care home in Berkshire or a font. Nothing that can be pulverised, mixed with 6 tons of sugar and called an energy drink. I knew it!

Next up, Wingman. OK we've all seen Top Gun and all it's dubious 'You can be my wingman' spiel. But I got an email yesterday from a site that advertises jobs in the music industry and the job in question was Wingman. Sadly to find out what it is will cost me £20 a month and I'm not that desperate. More intrigued. If I find out too late it's getting paid just to accompany a band on tour I'll be less than happy. Unless the band in question is Muse. I'd pay not to work for them.

I'm way too competitive. My kids will testify to this having suffered in your face defeats at Monopoly and sulks when I don't win. I try not to be, I just hate to lose though. Which brings me to Song Pop on Facebook. I love it. Reminds me of Bits and Pieces from the Radio 1 Roadshow's of my childhood (and phoning my friends to gloat when I got 10/10). But I'm even more competitive when it comes to music so my current losing streak isn't going down well at all. So if anyway out there knows nothing about music and agrees never to pick the 'today's hits' category please send me a Song Pop challenge.

It's a working weekend for me, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, starting today at 4.30 so I better dash. Get paid to see Funeral For A Friend tomorrow night though so that's a plus.



Playlist Friday 21/06/13

Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag - Pigbag
Broke Up The Family - The Milk
Transmission - Joy Division
Keep The Car Running - Arcade Fire
I'm Falling - The Bluebells
You And Your Ego - Hail To The Eskimo
Wessex Boy - Frank Turner
Slide Away - Oasis
The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
Friday Night - The Talks
Spies - Famous Villains
What A Waste - Ian Dury And The Blockheads
Tangled Up In Love - The Rifles
Silver - Echo And The Bunnymen
Woman In The Wall - The Beautiful South
Disco 2000 - Pulp
Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys
We Take Care Of Our Own - Bruce Springsteen
Do Anything You Wanna Do - Eddie And The Hot Rods
Lost Innocent World - Gogol Bordello
Madness - Madness
Lonely Boy - The Black Keys
The Distance - Funeral For A Friend
Boom Boom - John Lee Hooker
Brassneck - The Wedding Present
Mirror In The Bathroom - The Beat
Shakespeare's Sister - The Smiths
Happy House - Siouxsie And The Banshees
I'm Shakin' - Jack White
Gunslingers - Section 60
When You Were Young - The Killers
New Town Velocity - Johhny Marr
Senses Working Overtime - XTC
Pinball Wizard - The Who
I Can Breathe Again - Baywood
You Really Got Me - The Kinks
Waterloo Sunset - The Kinks
Follow Me - Muse
Watch Yourself - The Darlingtons
Baby Jane - Dr. Feelgood
Midnight Wave - Two Wounded Birds
Egyptian Reggae - Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers

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