Thursday, 22 August 2013

BAIBS Thursday 22/08/13

Finland, Finland, Finland. The county where I'd most like to be. Your mountains so lofty, your tree tops so tall. Finland, Finland, Finland. Finland has it all. Hyvää huomenta.

Disastrous times. The flask/mug thing I take with me to Sine FM Towers, the thing I brandish at errant cyclists, keep my pockets damp with and occasionally carry coffee in has befell a nasty accident. The handle's come off. No worries I thought. I can still carry it. I've lost the lid now. And I woke up this morning too late to make a coffee before I left. Breakfast show without coffee is a recipe for disaster.

The fast food place beginning with M would have to do. I know I slated their food, quite rightly, but the coffee's OK. Wrong! It would appear that the coffee only tastes good in comparison with the food so it failed trying to stand on it's own merits. To paraphrase the late, great Douglas Adams it tasted almost, but not entirely, unlike coffee.

And just to carry on some more, the much maligned bacon roll now comes with the tagline 'new, improved flavour!' Surely a bacon roll is bread and bacon. How do you drastically improve on that? Unless they've finally brought a pig into the equation.

Whilst we're talking food I'm now the proud owner of a small bunch of bananas thanks to my friend Nettie Spaghetti's selling skills. (Only 29p - that's all it took).

I was asked again yesterday to regale you with a rock 'n' roll tale. Don't ask me who by 'cos I just made that up. We've already had the face off with Liam Gallagher yarn. I shall leave it up to you to choose:

A: Food fight with Def Leppard
B: John Lydon's f**k off t-shirt or
C: Wayne Hussey trying to steal my invisible hat.

Two secs. Daughter No.1 on the phone with her results.

:-) Proud father mode. She got what she needed.

Right, work tonight and a band rehearsing here later. Can you keep it down please Spyder? If there's napping to be done I better do it now.



Playlist Thursday 22/08/13

The Mighty Ship - The Housemartins
Helter Skelter - The Beatles
Can You Dig It? - The Mock Turtles
Red Alert - Basement Jaxx
Dancer - Auction For The Promise Club
'A' Bomb In Wardour Street - The Jam
Rango - Catfish And The Bottlemen
Not Too Young - The Tricks
Hit The North - The Fall
Drink, Dance, Play - Young Kato
Somebody Might Wave Back - The Waterboys
The Day We Caught The Train - Ocean Colour Scene
That's All - Genesis
Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
Break On Through (To The Other Side) - The Doors
Paradise City - Guns 'N' Roses
I Still Believe - Frank Turner
You And Your Ego - Hail To The Eskimo
Geraldine - Glasvegas
Babies - Pulp
Middle Sea - Yuck
Love You More - The Buzzcocks
Wave Of Mutilation - Pixies
Right Action - Franz Ferdinand
Sex - The 1975
This Is Real - The Enemy
Bullets - The Editors
Alternative Ulster - Stiff Little Fingers
Rock 'N' Roll Suicide - David Bowie
When It All Comes Down - The Icicle Works
My Sharona - The Knack
Let The Day Begin - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Never Fade Away - Spector
Adore Me - Bang Bang Romeo
Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Tears For Fears
Glad It's All Over - Captain Sensible
Stand By Me - Ben E. King
Boom Boom - John Lee Hooker
Diane Young - Vampire Weekend
London Calling - The Clash
To Be Like - China Rats
Egyptian Reggae - Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers

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