Monday, 5 August 2013

BAIBS Monday 05/08/13

TMS is on. Was expecting live commentary on the rain but there's play and Oz have made a great start to the day. There's life in the cons yet! Could be a tense blog.

Well another hectic weekend. Friday saw me step into JJ's shoes for The First 45. Think I did OK. Just the one Springsteen song. JJ's not heard it yet so the judge and jury's still out. Work Friday night then Rovers first game of the season on Saturday. Not a bad performance and the 3-1 defeat certainly flattered Blackpool. But the lack of natural goal scorer is a major worry. Hard to see were the goals are gonna come from. Still, early days.

Saturday night saw Rammstein tribute band Morderstein play The Leopard. I said on Friday I was gonna be totally out of my comfort zone but had a surprisingly pleasant night. A lot more melodies than I imagined. Was a bit off putting with the singer being a Geordie. One song had him dressed in chef's white and hat covered in fake blood. Lots of guttural German growling only for him to say at the end of the song, 'I forgot wor knife.' Got home to find drunken women littered all over the house.

Sunday I had pencilled in as a do nothing at all rest day. I did exactly as planned and was bored out of my pigging head!

Spotify just unexpectedly kicked in. Cricket commentary with Auction For The Promise club backing really works!

Nearly got run over on Sunny Bar today by white van chav. Came flying up onto the pavement and I just managed to avoid mayhem. He did apologise but I couldn't totally make out what he said due to my ipod but I think he thought my name was Ron Caird Blunt.

Anyway, must dash. Show planning, food, nap and work all to squeeze in today.

Playlist Monday 05/08/13

The Mighty Ship - The Housemartins
Teenage Icon - The Vaccines
Elysium - Section 60
Tempted - Squeeze
Sex - The 1975
Tonight - Fluidity
Thou Shalt Always Kill - Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip
Learn To Fly - Foo Fighters
Valentine's Day - The 48ks
Can Stand The Rain - The Talks
American Slang - The Gaslight Anthem
The Jean Genie - David Bowie
Pearly Dewdrops' Drops - The Cocteau Twins
The Church Not Made With Hands - The Waterboys
The Dancing Song - Little Comets
Just Came Back - The AVIT Blues Band
Fire - Kasabian
Cover Of The Rolling Stone - Dr. Hook
Reckoning Day - Down To Earth
Jimmy Jazz - The Clash
Made Of Stone - The Stone Roses
Cure - The Missing Pages
Slight Return - The Bluetones
Drinkin' My Whisky - Slug The Nightwatchman
Signal 30 - Public Service Broadcasting
Light My Fire - The Doors
Barney Rubble - The Twang
So Long - Taffy
Forest On The Hill - Hunter And The Bear
Kings For The Weekend - Missing Andy
Sonne - Rammstein
Hate To Say I Told You So - The Hives
Mandela Day - Simple Minds
Sabotage - Beastie Boys
The Outsider - The Godfathers
Nothing Our Way - Frankie And The Heartstrings
Live Forever - Oasis
Egyptian Reggae - Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers

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