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BAIBS Monday 22/07/13 - Tramlines

Tramlines broke me. And I only managed two out of the three days. Today I feel like an Australian batsman, dazed, confused and battered into pitiful surrender, not even daring to review the situation.

Worth it though.

So where to begin? I should warn you there'll be some shameful name dropping in here.

As I said on Friday there's that much going on at Tramlines that the only viable plan is to pick two or three must see bands and whatever happens in between happens. Hopefully you'll drop onto some quality live acts. Joyfully this was the case.

So Friday's plan was Leadmill for Famous Villains, Frog And Parrot for Bang Bang Romeo then back to The Leadmill for King Charles. Mission accomplished. Villains were acoustic on Friday. A nice gentle start to proceedings with their obvious class drifting over the building Leadmill crowd. A yomp through the 30 degree Sheffield night for the weekend's first sweatbox, a rammed full Frog And Parrot. Bumped into the Section 60 boys there. I love that band but always manage to miss them playing live. Got 'em tied down for a radio appearance in November. Best chance I've got to see them. BBR nailed it. Starsie has mastered the art of working a crowd. A Frog and Parrot singalong to Chemical, some quick goodbyes and back into the scorching Sheffield night. Got to The Leadmill in time for The Gentlemen, the weekend's first bonus. Never heard them before. I will be again. Outside for a quick fag where myself and Martin Black formed a new band, The Red Lipstick Boys. Back inside I bumped into King Charles who kindly invited me up for beers in his dressing room. A chance to catch up with The Gentlemen to show my appreciation. Sheffield band Liberty Ship were ligging with King Charles too. Great band managed by Reverend And The Makers John McClure and another radio slot sorted. Charles invited me on stage for his We Didn't Start The Fire finale. Sadly the last train ruined that moment. Late trains on Tramlines weekend wouldn't go amiss.

Bumped into Christian Carlisle on the train home and thankfully our drunken conversation managed to distract me from the guy who managed to throw up all the way from Sheffield to Donny.

Saturday. The plan: The Talks and Public Service Broadcasting at The Harley, The Likely Lads and The Ratells at The Leadmill. The day started with a Stewart Black detour to find The Washington. We failed. Left him to it and headed to The Harley. Bonus number two. Ska band Feelgood Culture on stage. Brilliant. The place was already heaving. A sweat soaked gem of a venue. Outside and the queue is already getting silly. PSB are the attraction and they're still 3 hours off their stage time. Hats off to the bloke who tried to jump the queue by climbing over the fence into the beer garden. Snagged himself on the railings in a place a bloke just doesn't want to get snagged. And once he had fallen in there was a doorman waiting to escort him back out again. Next up bonus act number three, The Mother Folkers, a mix of soulful blues/folk that has the crowd, in their words, 'a-hollerin'. A bit more name dropping as I chatted with Public Service Broadcasting about Glastonbury, 2nd albums and the Mercury Music Prize before The Talks.

The Talks had flown in from the Czech Republic with minutes to spare and no sleep. It didn't show. Arguably the set of the weekend. A blistering ska fuelled romp through the catchiest music you will ever hear. The Harley was dripping. After their set fresh air was a must. The fire alarm evacuation was a bonus! A cool breeze and a chance to catch up with The Talks. More radio sorted! Ushered back inside for Public Service. I don't think anyone expected this band to take off just as much as they have. The place is solid. The queue is all the way down Glossop Road with a one in, one out policy. No-one's going out. I've reviewed PSB before so you know how I feel about them. This time out they have the crowd singing along. To what are essentially instrumentals. J. Wilgoose Esq. and Wrigglesworth look more surprised than anyone. Even more so when the 'Wrigglesworth, Wrigglesworth' chant drowns out the band. A set that is over far too soon and The Harley empties with people dancing down the road still singing Everest. I've ten minutes to get to The Leadmill for The Likely Lads.

No chance. I'm too hot. And a burger stop off is required. Got to the Leadmill to catch the end of their set. Tight as ever. Then straight to the small Leadmill stage to see The Ratells. Caught up with both bands outside but the chat got slight marred by the doorman asking if I'd be wearing lipstick again. Think I lost any respect they may have had for me. Bumped into Christian Carlisle again wearing what can only be described as the greatest suit ever. Think old BBC colour test card. I really can't do it justice here.

So that was Saturday.

Sunday was a double edged sword. I was working so missed it. Probably a good thing though as I don't think I'd have survived. Did mean I missed The Darlingtons, Dexters, Section 60 (of course) and Johnny Borrell sadly.

So it was a very tired show this morning. And a hectic one. The Darlingtons came in for a chat and to play a track from their new live EP and I had a live session from the brilliant John Lennon McCullagh. So much talent at such a young age. He's gonna be huge. And he's promised to come back for another live session soon. Can't wait.

I'm now off to rest my weary bones before work tonight.



Playlist Monday 22/07/13

Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag - Pigbag
Everest - Public Service Broadcasting
Not Too Fussed - The Likely Lads
Spies - Famous Villains
Can Stand The Rain - The Talks
Cemetry - Bang Bang Romeo
National Express - The Divine Comedy
Bam Bam - King Charles
The Opener - The Courteeners
Faces - The Ratells
Spread Your Love - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Sally Cinnamon - The Stone Roses
Some Might Say - Oasis
Cut Me Down - Lloyd Cole And The Commotions
Watch Yourself (Live) - The Darlingtons
Bats - The Darlingtons
A Ton Of Love - The Editors
The Only One I Know - The Charlatans
Wide Open Space - Mansun
Blue Collar Jane - The Strypes
Can You Dig It? - The Mock Turtles

John Lennon McCullagh Live Session

North South Divide
Slipping Away

Just Like The Rain - Richard Hawley
Midnight Wave - Two Wounded Birds
Chemicals - Various Cruelties
Shackled And Drawn - Bruce Springsteen
Hotel California - The Eagles
Rebirth - Yuck
Coming Around - The Vans
You Held The World In Your Arms - Idlewild
Away From Here - The Enemy
Juxtaposed With You - Super Furry Animals
Revolution - Young Kato
Golden Skans - The Klaxons
51st State - New Model Army
Naive - The Kooks
Never Knew Your Name - Madness
Egyptian Reggae - Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers

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