Friday, 1 February 2013

BAIBS Friday 01/02/13

Feedback. That's what we like. Thanks to Chris Page and my brother, Niall, for their pear-shaped comments. I mean comments about yesterday's blog, not that their comments were pear-shaped. 

It would seem that the phrase it's all gone pear-shaped stems from RAF pilots who when training combat manoeuvres had to learn how to do loops and when it went wrong the loop appeared pear shaped. Thank my brother for that little tit-bit.

And as we all know the world isn't round but is an oblate spheroid. Kinda like a sat on beach ball. But (and I know my grammar's all over the place here) because of the speed the Earth spins at, and the non-uniformity of the land, there is a bulge just south of the equator. So it could be deemed pear shaped. Or piriform if you prefer. Ish. (See Chris' comment on yesterday's blog).

Today's walking home shenanigans: (Oh, my typing. That said walking gnome shenanigans at first. Think I prefer that). Some bloke walked straight into me as he left a shop on Scot Lane. Not my fault but t'was he who said, 'Why don't you look where you're going?' I pointed out the error of his ways to which he gestured at my iPod earphones and in all seriousness said, 'If you didn't have them things blaring in your ears maybe you'd see where you were going.' A piece of logic totally above my mental capabilities. Hat's off sir.


Well I've been wittering on about my increasing girth and general unhealthiness enough. In the words of Secret Affair this is a time for action. I've joined a gym for the first time in my life. Was surprised to find out that a cross trainer is not a Peter Reid type football coach. And I've designated the packet of fags on the table as 'last packet.' There have been many last packets in my life. Hopefully this packet means it. I'm not going all health foody though and to prove this there's a crisp sandwich next to the last packet. Plus I don't like veg. It's evil stuff. Everyone goes on about the effects of eating sprouts but to me they smell that bad when they're boiling. Nothing that produces such an horrific odour can possibly be good for you.

So not much planned this weekend. Gonna finally sort my cds out. For someone who loves music so much I don't half abuse my cds. Sunday I'm taking my kids out for lunch and making my gym debut. Not sure in what order yet.

OK, I'm off to google piriform.



Playlist Friday 01/02/13

Tom Hark - The Piranhas
Kings For The Weekend - Missing Andy
Heatwave - Martha Reeves And The Vandellas
One Drop - Public Image Limited
I Got Love - The King Blues
Right Now - Bang Bang Romeo
Time To Pretend - MGMT
Space Oddity - David Bowie
Teenage Icon - The Vaccines
Along For The Ride - The Avit Blues Band
Clash City Rockers - The Clash
Sally Cinnamon - The Stone Roses
To Be Like - China Rats
Hysteria - Muse
Hold On - Don Broco
Permanent - Section 60
The Distance - Funeral For A Friend 
L.A.Woman - The Doors
Supersonic - Oasis
Antarctica - Sound Of Guns
Motorcycle Emptiness - Manic Street Preachers
Roses In The Hospital - Manic street Preachers
Undercover Martyn - Two Door Cinema Club
Wild Wild Life - Talking Heads
Love Is A Wonderful Colour - The Icicle Works
Feeling Good - Nina Simone
Stay - Rita Payne
Top Of The Pops - The Rezillos
Hey Ho - The Beeds
One Way Trigger - The Strokes
Is Vic There? - Department S
You're The Boss - Cud
Big Sur - The Thrills
Tongue Behind My Teeth - The Staves
Bird Dog - The Everly Brothers
Viva La Vida - Coldplay
Antmusic - Adam And The Ants
Fluorescent Adolescent - Arctic Monkeys
Egyptian Reggae - Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers

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