Monday, 25 November 2013

BAIBS Monday 25/11/13

I thought it would be interesting to look at the corresponding blog for this time last year and see what I was up to. Nothing much has changed really. I was waxing lyrical about tie shopping, satsumas, pie and seeing The Vaccines live. I do actually remember that tie shopping trip vividly in fact from my vantage point sat on my bed I can see said gold, could be orange, tie.

Anyway, an apology. I was chatting to my very good friend Dean Cousins on Friday night. His mother, May, is a big fan of this blog and when I found this out, beginning of October I believe, I suggested that we should go out for a sherry some time. Now what I've done there is generalise in a non too complimentary way i.e. Lady of a certain age, therefore must drink sherry. It would seem I'm very much mistaken and for that May I apologise wholeheartedly. She hates the stuff. Nice glass of wine it is. I'm still gonna have sherry though. I love a drop of Bristol Cream.

Just looking back and spell check would appreciate it if I changed satsumas to Matsumoto. Had a quick check. Matsumoto is a Japanese city in the Chubu region on the island of Honshu. It's a designated Special City, twinned with Salt Lake City and looks very nice on the photos. But I doubt you can get 8 for a pound on Donny market. Satsuma is a small town in the Kyushu region. Easily get 8 of them in a small brown paper bag.

It's my final show on Friday. Have I mentioned this? Thought so. I've been writing down tracks that I'd really like to play though not sure I'll fit them all in as there's quite a few artists wanting to perform live too. But, I was wondering, when will I start using proper grammar? That wasn't it at all. I was wondering if you lot out there had one song that would sum up the show? Please be gently with me. The Selecter's On My Radio as a suggestion would just cut me to the bone. And also, there's that quality grammar again, any suggestions for what the very final song should be?

I'll be honest, I've already picked a final track. I'm just intrigued as to what people come up with.

Another weekend gone. Rovers won but it barely registered as Friday night passed in a blur of magic tequila as the lovely Tracey has a birthday party to remember. That I can't really remember.

Right I'm off to find out if exotic pie's on the menu tonight. Pie. See. Told you nothing much had changed.

Playlist Monday 25/11/13

The Mighty Ship - The Housemartins
Common People - Pulp
Geraldine - Glasvegas
The Opener - The Courteeners
Debaser - Pixies
Kayleigh - Marillion
Adore Me - Bang Bang Romeo
Hope Street - The Levellers
The Other Way - Polkadodge
The Only Living Boy In New Cross - Carter USM
Magpies - Wolfgirl
Too Much Pressure - The Selecter
The Killing Moon - Echo And The Bunnymen
The Pretender - The Foo Fighters
Do They Know It's Christmas - Band Aid
The Power Of Love - Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Minute Mile - The Rifles
Permanent -Section 60
Black And White Town - Doves
Pacifier - Catfish And The Bottlemen
When A Man Loves A Woman - Percy Sledge
Ruby Soho - Rancid
Enjoy The Silence - Depeche Mode
Sally MacLennane - The Pogues
Mrs. Robinson - The Lemonheads
To Be Like - China Rats
Egyptian Reggae - Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers


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