Monday, 18 November 2013

BAIBS Monday 18/11/13

Return of the blog, once again, return of the blog, top of the world, return of the blog, watch my flow.

Thanks to the superbly overrated Mark Morrison for my blatant plagiarism there.

It's getting on 4pm which is late for my blog but given it's the first one in over ten days I think we should excuse any tardiness and just be glad it showed up at all.

So where have I been you ask? Well as you know I only blog when there's been a show to attach a playlist to and there's been a dearth of shows recently. This is due entirely to me refusing to get out of a warm bed in Chesterfield to catch a 6:15 train to come do a late show every morning when I'm over there, which is quite a lot. It's a lovely place to be, what with the 2nd most gorgeous cricket ground in the country, the crooked spire and a very hot girlfriend.

But, I hear you cry, there have been instances where there has been a show but still no blog.  Well, yes, but thanks to the unique way in which BT is funded I've had no internet access for much of the last two weeks. Douglas Adams once touted the theory that paying your bill only attracts attention to yourself which is when it all goes wrong. Anyway after ten days of talks on the phone to BT (including one instance of 'does the line you're calling on still work') in which I repeatedly mentioned the router being pretty much dead a BT engineer came out to inform us that the router was pretty much dead.

So we're all back up and running now and here we are. But I should guide you back to that fourth paragraph. That is still an ongoing situation and one of the reasons for me making the decision last week to call it a day on the breakfast show. I started in November 2009 and feel 4 years is a good crack of the whip. I'll save any gushing comments until the final show related blog (Friday Nov 29th), for yes, due to popular demand the blog will continue after my days at Sine FM have finished.

On a more sombre note it's a year today that my friend and Sine FM colleague Pete Meredith died. I still miss Yorkshire Pete so much. The funniest and most genuine man I have ever known. I am the proud owner of a certificate from Guinness World Records for the longest radio show ever. Myself and Mark Kelly are credited with the record but it's a simple statement of fact that without Pete we wouldn't have made it. When the record was broken both myself and Mark said let em have it. But when Pete died we independently decided we wanted that record back for Pete more than anything. When we did the 80 hour show it was so much harder and didn't have the same spark about it. That spark was Yorkshire Pete. I should say I've never drunk red bull since that first marathon show and if you're wondering why you need to check the blog for this day last year!

A brief leaf war 2013-2014 update. I ventured up to the Registrar's Office in Elmfield Park today. Why? you ask. Sod off, I reply. I only got a brief look at the park but the leaves are well on top. DMBC will need some industrial strength pointy sticks for this one.

Well it's nice to be back in blogland again but I must dash.



Playlist Monday 18/11/13

Goodbye My Friend - White Valentine
Hello Again - Neil Diamond

Rest In Peace Yorkshire Pete

The Hard Way - Dexters
Wherever I Lay My Hat - Paul Young
Orange Crush - R.E.M.
Like A Dancer - The Enemy
Follow You, Follow Me - Genesis
Born To Run - Bruce Springsteen
The Other Way - Polkadodge
Lovefool - The Cardigans
Road Rage - Catatonia
Hunger - Frankie And The Heartstrings
Rise Up - The Skints
You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart - The Eurythmics
Elysium - Section 60
Fortunate Son - Creedence Clearwater Revival
Middle Sea - Yuck
Naive - The Kooks
Lip Up Fatty - Bad Manners
Everyday Is Like Sunday - Morrissey
Minnie The Moocher - Cab Calloway
Silence Is Easy - Starsailor
Imagine - John Lennon
Stingin' Belle - Biffy Clyro
The Dancing Song - Little Comets
Somewhere - The Pilots
A Certain Romance - Arctic Monkeys
Sally Cinnamon - The Stone Roses
Mind - The Farm
St. Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion) - John Parr
Pure - The Lightning Seeds
Not Too Young - The Tricks
Never Knew Your Name - Madness
On My Radio - The Selecter
Rat Race - The Specials
Pinch Me - Barenaked Ladies
Hate To Say I Told You So - The Hives
Kids In America - Kim Wilde
Cherry Bomb - John Mellencamp
Bring On The Dancing Horses - Echo And The Bunnymen
Egyptian Reggae - Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers 

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