Monday, 2 June 2014

Please Cover Yourself In Vinegar

I'm starting early again. Tuesday afternoon if you must know. 2:24 to be exact if you're that intrigued. I'm waffling already but so far it's been a quiet week.

Monday 26/05/14

Finally finished cataloguing all the LPs. I always need a shower afterwards, partly 'cos a lot are so dusty but also I feel a little tainted with the some of the dross I have to wade through. Still, a couple of tidy finds yesterday. An original pressing of The Beatles' White Album (numbered 24,500) and the debut album from May Blitz. Yeah, I've never heard of them either but have. Only got the CDs I bought last week to do now. Need to get some premises sorted so Julie can have her dining room back.

Monday night saw Julie's mate Roz turn up. I've now been vetted by two best mates and Mandy, Julie's sister, and I think I'm doing OK. They dueted together on the song Julie's written for the Sine FM music bomb. It's very good. Told you she's way more talented than me. 

And speaking of talented, a return to form in Scrabble tonight. Again neck and neck all the way but I took too many risks (ep and licour aren't words) and Julie finished on a triple word score to go back to her winning ways. 20-2.

The cough is still a dominant force and I finally ended up in the spare bed. Not to much avail as I could still be heard. Julie came in with some butter/sugar/vinegar concoction that she swears by. Did the trick. Just made me feel very sick as well.

Tuesday 27/05/14

I'd kept this quiet after my recent spectacular failing but I'm trying to stop smoking again. So far so good but given the dream I had this morning I think the patches are finally kicking in. I won't furnish you with details but I broke Sine FM, naked, in a church hall. 

The day finished with bonus Scrabble. I've come to the conclusion if I'm gonna get beat, and let's face it it happens a lot, I'd rather get thrashed than only just lose. Tonight was one of those games. Leading most of the way, down by one point with no letters left in the bag. Lost. Just. I despair. 21-2. 

Had a great night's sleep with, I thought, no coughing. Turns out I've developed the knack of coughing in my sleep. Back to my flat tomorrow night.

Wednesday 28/05/14

Another steady day spent mostly being proved right in Primark and bemoaning the fact that basic maths is becoming less and less abundant.

Quiet night in tonight mainly 'cos Julie's at work, I'm still coughing like a git and we're out tomorrow night, (gigging in Sheffield).  

Taking advantage of my night in to check out more new music sent my way. I still wish I had the balls to tell some bands to just stop it, it's painful and embarrassing for everyone. Wish someone had told The Kaiser Chiefs this many, many years ago. Admittedly it takes a special talent to turn an anti-Chav song into a Chav anthem but they've obviously done so with some relish. Never let anyone tell you Ricky Wilson isn't without a sense of irony. Leeds Festival 2012 finally did it for me. Treating it like they were playing Elland Road to a Leeds only crowd and constantly mugging to the big screen cameras. Woeful.

Think it's safe to say I don't like the new single they've just sent me.

Thursday 29/05/14

Met my daughter George for coffee and a gossip. 

My anti virus thing on my laptop has just told me that the anti virus thing on my laptop is taking up too much space on my laptop. I have no idea what this means.

Rennies once gave me indigestion. Think it's a similar principle.

Back to my flat and kept myself busy firing off emails. I now have a merchandise supplier, a carrier bag supplier and two more properties to view. And hopefully a signed band putting in an appearance at the shop later this year.

And I've caught up with myself. Thurs afternoon 3:43pm as we speak. Chill time before whisking the gorgeous Julie off to Sheffield for some glam rock in the form of The Struts, with The Darlingtons and Polkadodge supporting. Should be fun.  

Friday 30/05/14

5pm and just got in from Sheffield. That wasn't the plan at all. Had an absolutely brilliant night. The Struts are gonna be massive. They just know how to rock and have a good time and in Luke Spiller have one of THE most charismatic frontmen on the circuit. Think the love child of Jagger and Bolan dipped in a box of glitter and raised on The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. 

The night started, as promised at The Royal Standard, the pub run by The Velcro Teddy Bears. 

Hang on, fire alarm's going off. I've burnt my bacon!

It was open mic night and we promised to go back after the gig if we had time. Whether it was the alcohol or the post gig euphoria we turned down Mark Loraine's offer of a lift home, decided the last train didn't need us and headed back to The Royal Standard with talk of a taxi home. Got to the RS Bar just in time to see one half of The Velcro Teddy Bears to do their set. Urged on by Julie I asked if I could join in on the cajon. Had a brilliant time and don't think I ruined too many of their songs.

Remember the Dexters blog when I mentioned the dog I spilt Guinness on? Well he was there. I apologised and he went and sat on a sofa with Julie who promptly fell asleep on him. I figured it was time to go, didn't fancy Julie's chances in a taxi back to Donny so decided on a hotel. Thanks to Griff Teddy Bear for sorting it. I was in no state. 

We both woke up very confused as to where we were. The chips I'd hunted down in the middle of the night remained uneaten so, somewhat bizarrely, they got used as moisturiser.  Don't ask. It seemed to work though and it's quite pleasant having your girlfriend smelling of chips. 

Finally got back to Donny about 3pm. Need to liven up a bit as said Teddy Bears are at Cask tonight.

2:28am Saturday morning. This next paragraph is gonna be a bit soppy so feel free to skip it.

Had a quality night with Rob Dannatt and The Velcro Teddy Bears who were as awesome as I expected and then some. It's kinda nice getting home drunk but not DRUNK. It was great to catch up with Laura, my niece and nephew's cousin, which I presume means we're related but I'm not sure how exactly. Always nice to know that a side of the family I really should see more often love and appreciate me. And it was seriously good to walk home with Be My Yoko Ono playing in my head (I so love my iPod) knowing I'm in love, and loved, by someone who is just perfect for me. Bed now as serious bank manager meeting stuff in the morning and need to get my head out of the clouds.

Oh and it feels good having gone 107 hours without a cigarette.

Saturday 31/05/14

Up early for an appointment with HSBC who loved my business plan. offered to throw all kinds of shiny things my way then backed off rapidly when the computer said no. I shall take my no debts but still bad credit rating elsewhere then. 


A chilled day before heading to Cask to see the very talented Mike Gaborak, who I'm hoping to get on the show soon. Groomlake Fugitives and Polish band the Sixth Of July. Nipped to the Woolpack to watch Carl Froch do what he should have done last time out. Back to Cask where I ended up DJing. Thanks Dave for that.

Still managed to not smoke. As reformed smokers know it's the pint 'n' a fag bit that's the hardest but as I write this (Sunday afternoon) it's now exactly 6 days. Thank you to Julie for her invaluable and unique method of support!

Sunday 01/06/14

A lazy day checking out more new music. Very strange to be sent a 'new' single that I first heard 4 years ago. And I don't think a song about Gianfranco Zola is really that relevant anymore. Sine FM Towers at 6 for The Other Way with surprisingly no guests this week apart from Julie and her random requests. Still, the airwaves should remain clean this week. 

A nicely relaxed show, quality tuneage and despite no guests still ran out of time. Loads of new stuff I'm yet to play. By the time I do it wont be new anymore. So can I suggest listening to new material from Pulled Apart By Horses, Bob Mould, Heartless Bastards and Slow Club in case I never get round to playing them.

The day ended with Trivial Pursuit. To save my bruised ego Julie's agreed to play something I have a chance at. Played two, won two. Ego feeling slightly better but it's back to Scrabble tonight. So Julie's better at words, I'm better at storing absolutely useless knowledge that only ever has a purpose when playing Trivial Pursuit. 

I'll take that. 



The Other Way Play List - Sunday 01/06/14

The Other Way - Polkadodge
Time To Pretend - MGMT
Great Leap Forward - Billy Bragg
Hate To say I Told You So - The Hives
Radio - The Talks
007 (Shanty Town) - Desmond Dekker
Pirouette - Puppet Rebellion
Swampsnake - The Sensational Alex Harvey Band
Rat Trap - The Boomtown Rats
Tush - ZZ Top
Jules Verne - The Clox
Spread Your Love - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jet
Shimmer Gold - Dexters
Mr. Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra
Chapel Of Love - Elton John (For Steve and Chrissy)
On Trial - The Tricks
Foxy Foxy - Rob Zombie
Hope Street - The Levellers
Barney Rubble - The Twang
Be Somebody - The Enemy
Could Have Been Me - The Struts
Stand And Fall - The Velcro Teddy Bears
Kings For The Weekend - Missing Andy
Park Road - Passion Play (Music Bomb)
Bartender And The Thief - Stereophonics
Mind - The Farm
Good Enough - Dodgy
Egyptian Reggae - Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers

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