Monday, 30 June 2014

Noisy Romans

So what happened last week? Lots of pointing. Kitchen stuff. Scrabble of course. Jazz. Watching Julie sleep. The usual.

Monday 23/06/14

The day started off with a redefinition of the word frustration. I really can't go into details. Just trust me on this one. 

So, the ongoing record shop saga: I've given up on the mushroom people. I've lost count of the emails and voice mails I've left them expressing an interest in their unit. The final one simply said 'Do you want to rent this property or not?' They didn't reply to that one either. Decided to go back to my original idea of a spot in the Waterdale. I know the whole of the Waterdale has been bought by a regeneration company but I'd heard from a few independent sources that regeneration would involve flattening it and starting again. I now have an email categorically denying this from St. Modwen, the company involved, and that the plan is to create a bohemian quarter in Doncaster. Perfect for my needs. All systems go again for this:

Julie is still no better but it being Monday of course she went off to work. She was home relatively early though for food, painkillers and early Scrabble only for the drugs to kick in mid-Scrabble. I was winning too with the potential 8 letter word DRILLERS to play. Julie awoke, refreshed and in the Scrabble zone. I never got to play my 8 letter word. It was close all the way, level on points with only 8 letters left between us. 6 of those were mine though. I had to take a chance on using as many letters as I could. FIRED was my word also making the word FI. Sadly FI isn't a word. I know a giant who may disagree but rules is rules. Lost by 24 points. 31-8.

Tuesday 23/06/14

Busy one today. Up for a couple of meetings in town. Julie was comatose on the sofa when I got up. (Since the pain's become too much Julie's been sleeping on the sofa. And before you call me selfish she prefers the sofa and has the TV for when she can't sleep). I left her a note about my plans, lasagne, my own potential arm injury and a drawing of an owl and headed to the Waterdale to view again the property I looked at all those weeks ago and have a meeting with the St. Modwen people. All very productive. I need a joiner/shopfitter now to come and view the premises with me. Yes that is a massive hint. 

Nipped to Cast to buy tickets for a show this Thursday night, then to Cask to get some posters for a gig this Saturday then to the Market Deli (I LOVE the Market Deli) to meet Mark Loraine for a kinda combined MapFest/Record Shop meeting. Again very productive. 

Went round town distributing posters and shopped. Twice. I'd forgot gluten free pasta. Back to Julie's to trash the kitchen with my attempt at cooking having shopped again! Forgot coffee, milk and cheese. I'm that useless. Thankfully the painkillers had kicked in again and Julie slept through the carnage. She's actually still sleeping. Given me chance to clean up and plate her some lasagne up and look like I'm really efficient. Obviously when she reads this I'm rumbled. 

There was talk of us going out tonight to catch the return of 13 Women at Cask. As it was Julie slept for well over 6 hours and didn't wake till half 9 so we gave up on that idea. Scrabble it was then, and my least favourite game ever. Julie's first go was an 8 letter word on a triple word score. How can someone be in a coma for nearly 7 hours then ten minutes later be on fire at Scrabble? SLANTING was the word though the A was a blank. I prefer to think of it as SLINTING. (For slinting reference see blog dated 19th March 2014). It just got worse and I was never in the game. It was obvious very early on I had no chance and I confess to giving in. I just wanted it over with so we could start again. Lost by 185 points. 32-8. I don't mind losing. Obviously having only won 1/5 of the 40 games we've played I'm used to it. Just like it to be a bit more competitive!

Only half twelve, Both wide awake so game two. Just so I could try and feel better about myself. Didn't finish playing till ten past three but I managed to eke out a victory so I could go to bed less sulky. (LEAVING and STODGIER did it for me) 32-9.

Wednesday 25/06/14

It would seem Julie is gradually on the mend. Managed to get through to early afternoon without painkillers and managed to fight the tiredness, although the drugs definitely affected her Scrabble playing again. Another win for me but a coherent Julie would never maintain that coge is a word. 32-10. Double figures!!

The plan is that she'll be in a suitable state for Open Mic at Cask tonight, though I have dissuaded (double S Julie) her from playing banjolelle.

Open Mic night successfully negotiated. And what a top night it was as per. Look out for Otter's Pocket. First time I've seen these guys and they were stunning. (Yes, that is my favourite word). Had a name dropping competition which of course I shamelessly won. And got to mock Alistair for being only semi-brilliant for once.

Thursday 26/06/14

Back to the flat to see if I had any post (I didn't) and to do some washing. Just occurred to me re the post that I've still not had an appointment to check out my heart. I guess the doctor thinks it's not urgent. Either that or there's nothing more they can do.  

Had a conversation earlier in the week with Julie about black pudding, as you do. We both love it but I never realised it was very rarely gluten free. I took to the internet and found a company in Bury who do gluten free black pudding. It arrived this morning and made Julie cry (In a good way). I blame the drugs. So having returned to hang the washing out I then hunted down gluten free sausages for a late breakfast while we played drug free Scrabble. 

Julie won. By loads. The 7 letter word TINFOIL and the 8 letter word VICTUALS did for me. Can't really complain about losing to someone who plays the word victuals, even if it was by 165 points. I'm not sure laughing about it is very sporting though. 33-10.

The evening was spent at Cast, my first visit to Donny's new theatre, for the Swing On A Summer's Evening concert hosted by The Doncaster Youth Jazz Association and featuring The Doncaster Youth Swing Orchestra, The Doncaster Youth Stageband and The EKS Big Swing Band from Herten, Germany. The night, as well as being incredible entertainment, was to celebrate the twenty year link between the two associations. We were there primarily because Georgia (Remember. From the dance off last week. Julie's mate)'s son Tom plays keyboard in the Stageband. 

The talent on show was phenomenal. Had a lump in my throat most of the night. Any drawbacks? Well I'm way over 40 now so I'd be letting grumpy old men down everywhere if I didn't have a moan. 

Who designed Cast? No centre aisle? Really!? How inconvenient. Oh and the couple in front of us kept moaning that Julie was kicking their seat. As if. For a start I'd have been hard pushed to kick their chair let alone a 5'2" lady still struggling to move 'cos of her shoulder. It is possible that my foot tapping and Julie's sat down dancing caused their seat to vibrate. If that's the case then it's another Cast design flaw. Either way, anyone who expects someone to sit still at a show called 'Swing On A Summer's Evening' is clearly at the wrong gig. 

Friday 27/06/14

Today was heaven. In so much as David Byrne once sang 'Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens'. Although it's impossible for nothing to happen. The fact that nothing is happening means something is happening, even if it's nothing. This is all getting a bit Douglas Adams. Let us just say that very little happened today.

The exertions of the last two days may have took their toll. Julie was in a bit more pain today although she does have a lot more movement in her arm. Back to two painkillers and sleeping it off. Another 5 hour coma followed by Scrabble. I won! MATURED was the clincher. 33-11. 

Saturday 28/06/14

A splendidly hectic day today.  Back to the flat to do more washing and find that the doctor's haven't given up on my heart and they want to listen to it's murmurings on July 7th. Washing done so straight to Cask to compere the all day MIND Aid event. Had an absolutely brilliant day with 18 acts all putting on stunning sets, a minimal amount of diva strops and a fair bit of cash being raised for a very worthwhile charity. Mick Holmes gave me a list of phrases I couldn't say whilst doing my introducing such as 'Let's hear it for', 'Big it up,' 'Give it up for,' etc. That bit was easy. Less so was the list that I had to say:

That made me feel
That took me back
It taught me a lot about life
and I'm not racist but.

I managed all but the last one. That was never gonna happen! Anyway, while we're doing lists big it up for all the acts that played:

Craig Manga
Daniel D. Rowley
Jade Hamilton and Lucy Raybould
Rum Direction
Passion Play
Jade-Lee Saxelby
Bluesy Steve Keeton
Lu More
The Missing Pages
Alistair Pearson
Laura Kelly
Anastasia Walker
Vicky Robson-Capps
James Taplin
Groom Lake Fugitives
Smoking Beagles 

Bluesy Steve will be delighted to know that the line I used after he'd finished his set was nicked from The Boss introducing Clarence Clemons on stage. And please give it up for my girlfriend who worked so hard to put it all together whilst still nursing her injuries. And let's hear it for Rich 'Workhouse' Woolrich who's idea it was in the first place.

Sunday 29/06/14

A slow start to the day after the excesses of yesterday. I eventually ventured shopwards to buy Sunday dinner type stuff. Came home, cooked it (my first ever gluten free Yorkshire puds), ate it, started Scrabble. Had to take a break whilst I buggered off to do The Other Way at Sine FM Towers. Joined on the show by Rock To Art (Sherlock Art and Reptile Rock) who just have this natural talent to always make me smile. They're appearing at Cask Friday night. I can guarantee you will love every second of it. 

Rita Payne (Rhiannon Scutt and Pete Sowerby) joined me on the second half of the show to talk about the launch of their second album. I had a sneak preview and from what I heard it's a more fleshed out sound from the first album, still with the gorgeous melodies that have become a Rita Payne trademark. 

After the show Julie and I went to point at Polish food and then headed over to Cask to see how the new jam session, The Sunday Corner, was going. Julie played ukulele with Paul Keeton to Robert Johnson's Red Hot, against doctor's orders I should add. I ate free cake then back to finish off Scrabble. I lost, narrowly, despite twice using all my letters. Round two and this time I got thrashed. 35-11.

How hard is it to wash a potato masher!!



The Other Way Play List Sunday 29/06/14

The Other Way - Polkadodge
Across 110th Street - Bobby Womack
The Cutter - Echo And The Bunnymen
Come To - Bombay Bicycle Club
Keep The Car Running - Arcade Fire
Recurring Dream - Tankus The Henge
Party People - Rock To Art
Ain't Even Done With The Night - John Mellencamp
Heavy Horses - Fallen Trees
Lady Off London Road - The Velcro Teddy Bears
Riding Out The Storm - Rock To Art
Legend Of Dandelion And Shoe - Alistair Pearson
Songs Of Joy - Rock To Art
Barbara Ann - The Beach Boys
Put Your Money On Me - The Struts
Lead The Way - The 48ks
Never Going Back - Rita Payne
Hold Me Once - Rita Payne
Birds Fly (Whisper To A Scream) - The Icicle Works
Suzy - Rita Payne
Kennedy - The Wedding Present
Apache - Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band
London Calling - The Clash
Your Colour - The Away Days
Johnny Come Home - Fine Young Cannibals
All Or Nothing - The Small Faces
Egyptian Reggae - Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers


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