Monday, 26 May 2014


I'm trying that writing as I go type blog again seeing as it had a modicum of success last week. So here we are 4.30pm Tuesday afternoon and to be honest I need a break from staring at vinyl for a bit.

Monday 19/05/14

The cough was still in full flow Sunday night and I selflessly let Julie listen to me cough, wheeze and moan all night. If Carlsberg made boyfriends.... 

I took my cough down to Ian's to help with moving some fence panels and once again got to watch someone else do things with drills and hammers. I have a real aptitude for this watching other people work malarkey. 

Bought some beetroot (irrelevant) and headed back to my pile of vinyl. The cataloguing continues. Today's gems were all Marty Wilde. The guy's worth a fortune, bless him. His daughter less so. 

Scrabble and salad night (now the beetroot has some relevance), joined again by Bluesy Steve. Another game I was so close to winning. I'm leading by 3 points with no letters left in the bag only for Julie to play a four letter word that managed to make two other four letter words as well, earned 27 points and pretty much wrapped it all up. Eventually lost by 28 points. 18-1!!!!

On the plus side I bought tickets to take Julie to see the greatest band in the history of history itself, The Waterboys, in York in August. I'd taking any beating at Scrabble to see my favourite band with my favourite lady in my favourite city. 

Stayed up til 3am watching 3-2-1. I've no idea why!

Tuesday 20/05/14

A better night's sleep for everyone. God bless buttercup syrup. Back to my flat to sort some paperwork only to find every bill I wanted to pay can't be done over the phone and my laptop was at Julie's. 

As I've said before I feel we know each other well now so can share the odd personal moment. Groomed the beard today and decided that I needed a trim elsewhere. The scissors were too blunt so used the beard trimmer forgetting to change the setting. I believe the phrase is last chicken in the shop. 

Walked out of my flat only to get run over. I've never seen anyone get run over by a mobility scooter. It's happened to me twice in the past twelve months now. And I mean run over. Not almost run over or my left leg lightly brushed. Full on took my legs out run over. I ended up with bruised shins and, there's no over way to say this, with my head nestled between the old lady who was driving's  breasts. I've motorboarded an octogenarian! 

Julie is once again dining with parents and sister so I've bought another irrelevant beetroot, rustled up a salad (I KNOW!!!!) and settling down for a night staring at vinyl. Oh and again she's done a better blog than mine.

Wednesday 21/05/14

I did warn you that with the mountain of records I have to catalogue this blog could get a little vinyl obsessed. Well today I did little else. Had a break to take Julie for a late lunch/early tea and catch up with some of the Cask open mic crowd before heading home to finally finish all the singles. All 989 of them. Buddy Holly was today's gold mine. Only the LPs left to do now.

I know a plethora of musicians and songwriters and this question is aimed at you. What have you all got against the letter G? Virtually every song with an ing in the title replaces it with in'. A few examples:

Andy Williams - Home Lovin' Man
Bad Company = Good Lovin' Gone Bad
The Eagles - Lyin' Eyes
The Drifters - Kissin' In The Back Row Of The Movies

   and so on, and so on. I can't be arsed to trawl through all 989 again. But what is wrong with G? I like G. It's a handy 2 point tile in Scrabble. In music the G-string is a favourite of all juvenile musicians. Admit it, we all love the g-string joke. Only Monday night Bluesy Steve whipped it out, so to speak. I do have a soft spot for G. Stop me now before this gets rude.

Speaking of rude, obviously in all this vinyl there's some I've never heard of. Such as Matador & Fay and the song Sex Grand National. A word of warning: Don't ever google Sex Grand National!!!

Thursday 22/05/14

Started on the LPs today while Julie tidied. A few more gems unearthed. I've bought another stack load of CDs off a mate and some bongos! These turned up mid cataloguing/tidying so we had a break to form a banjolelle/bongo duet. We nailed it. 

The day finished in my least favourite game of Scrabble yet. I couldn't pick a consonant out of the bag to save my life. Not much you can do with A,I,U,U,U,U,I. Julie had the same problem only she couldn't pick any vowels. Several rounds went by with us just playing one letter at a time till we both decided to swap some letters. Not with any great success. We eventually managed to finish the game after nearly 3 hours with of course Julie winning. 19-1. This is getting ridiculous.

Friday 23/05/14

For a Friday this was a very quiet day indeed. The cough is no better and having kept Julie awake all night it was agreed that I'd stay at my flat tonight. There's a big 30 years since we left school reunion thing happening at Parklands but a night in for me with cough medicine and fruit. (Red wine counts as fruit, right)? Very rock 'n' roll. That was it. That was my Friday.

Saturday 24/05/14

The sun only shines when I stay at Julie's. True story. So you can blame the rain on my cough. I've had my punishment though. Woke up by Chinese water torture from a leak in the ceiling. I moved out the way and was woke again an hour later by lumps of plaster falling on my head. I know I'm clumsy and accident prone but it seems unfair that outside influences compact it. It's not my fault my girlfriend is a menace with secateurs or that old women can't steer mobility scooters or that my ceiling is in danger of caving in. Bizarrely James' - (They're All) Out To Get You has just come on my ipod.  

Cabin fever was setting in so off to paint the town porn star martini coloured with Mssrs. Rob Dannatt and Paul Lowing.

More fruit!!!! (Oh I love an innuendo). My fruit leaked though. I remember little else apart from the mocking I got for the constant use of the word really. 

Sunday 25/05/14

A predictably slow start to the day. My ceiling behaved though so the headache must have been for some other reason. Recovered enough to get to Sine FM Towers for this week's show. Another full studio with David Bailey on guitar, Josh and Chaddy from The Velcro Teddy Bears on hats and talking, Dave Wood on crisps and Julie on Buble requests. Cracking show, quality tuneage (apart from Buble) and a discussion on Bob Dylan's strap-on. Took Josh and Chaddy to Cask Corner after (they're gigging there Friday night) then home for a night of stunning (Really? Yes Julie, I know) surprises.

Ate nut roast for the first time, enjoyed cabbage and remarkably won at Scrabble. A close game and I have to confess that Julie missed 4 goes (one though choice, three through making words up - Woh, Viz and Hawe are not acceptable Scrabble words). She did manage the 50 point bonus for Dialect though but I still scraped home by 36 points. 19-2!!!! The re-written We Are The Champions was sung with serious gusto. 

So that was the week. I should point out that having woke up at Julie's the sun is shining. Told you it was a true story.



The Other Way Playlist Sunday 25/05/14

The Other Way - Polkadodge
Down In The Tube Station - The Jam
Middle Sea - Yuck
On Trial - The Tricks
In A Big Country - Big Country
Stand And Fall - The Velcro Teddy Bears
Minute Mile - The Rifles
No Diggity (Live) - David Bailey
In The Morning - Razorlight
This Is It - The Velcro Teddy Bears
L.A. Woman - The Doors
Hollywood - Michael Buble
Hersham Boys - Sham 69
Summer Breeze - The Velcro Teddy Bears
Legend Of Dandelion And Shoe - Alistair Pearson
Eez-Eh - Kasabian
Could Have Been Me - The Struts
Ship Of Fools - World Party
Fly Away - Carla May (Music Bomb)
Coming Back For More - The Velcro Teddy Bears
Dave - Missing Andy
Fortunate Son - Creedence Clearwater Revival
Can Stand The Rain - The Talks
No One Knows (Live) - David Bailey
Never Knew Your Name - Madness
To Be Like - China Rats
Egyptian Reggae - Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers

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