Monday, 19 May 2014

Just In case Andy Ward was wondering it is indeed a bit long :-)

In a dramatic turn of events I've started writing this on a Friday night. In bed. At 10:30pm. I'm not in the pub. Bizarre.

I have either the makings of a summer cold or my first attempt at hayfever. Either way I wanna get better cos I don't fancy the spare bed. So while Julie's at work I'm here full of chilli, antihistamines, local honey and sucking on a cough sweet while trying not to get Vicks on the laptop.

I'm trying the larger font again just to be wacky and zany.

Maybe this early start to the blog will help me remember just what these bullet points mean.

Monday 12/05/14


I have no idea what
  • ankles
is all about.

My gorgeous girlfriend did her second blog today. It's funnier than mine, more informative than mine and within an hour had way more views than mine. Of course I'm not bitter! The fact that more of my Facebook friends liked Julie's blog when I shared it than mine is by the by. I'll just get my revenge at Monday Scrabble!! If you've not read it than do so. It's brilliant.

As Pete Kennedy said, 'His and her's blogs'. It's kinda cute.

Scrabble then. Julie had left her phone at work so the immensely talented 'Bluesy' Steve Keeton (Barman and bluesman extraordinaire) dropped it off and got roped into vindaloo and scrabble night. At least I had someone to share my pain. The Scrabble that is, not the vindaloo. Although... no, that'd be for Tuesday's entry and we probably don't really want to go there anyway. 

Me and Steve were never in the game. The 8 letter word AVIATION did for us. This included making the word NU. I wasn't having that. Only NU I know is Nu-metal and that really doesn't count. Who'd have thought that nu was the fifteenth letter of the greek alphabet and an Afrikaans slang word for gnu! I did manage to come second but lost by 216 points! 15-1!!!

Tuesday 13/05/14

Had a day back at my flat with the intention of emailing more record shop related people only to find my internet had packed up. I spent an hour on the phone to Virgin getting nowhere and then the credit ran out on my phone. 

I then spent an hour on the phone to t-mobile to find out why my unlimited calls had used up all my credit. 

'Was it an 0800 number?'


'Was it an 0845 number?' 


'Are you sure?' 

Yes. You're my phone company. Check your records. 

'I can't do that without the bill payer's permission.' 

But, I, just who, WHAT!?

'If you top your phone up Sir we can then credit it.'

That's just pay as you go isn't it?

'Not exactly Sir.'

This went on, like I say, for an hour. Eventually I got my credit back and spent another hour on the phone to Virgin to be told there was a problem in the area and my internet would be back on at 10pm. 

Went over to Julie's for hugs and internet and spent the evening chatting on facebook with Leicester City fans about dialect and different names for the same thing. For example we say alley, they say jinnie. We say League One, they say Premiership. Got into trouble when I said I thought a pikelet was a young gypsy.

Julie had gone dining with her parents and sister and came back giddy from laughing too much but her sister had given her details of an online auction on Wednesday with vinyl aplenty.

Wednesday 14/05/14

Auction day. The lots I was interested in were way down the list so I rang the auction house to be told I should make sure I was online for 3pm. The auction started at 10am. So of course I just sat upstairs at Cask Corner on the laptop all day watching the auction. It could have been fatal. I was impressed by my own will power in resisting the 6' broadsword (only went for £15! Wish I hadn't resisted) and the full naval uniform. Given Julie's comments after I really wish I hadn't resisted!

I had to keep Julie away from the laptop during the tools and little tins lots. I ended up buying 694 LPs, 104 CDs, 980 singles, 2 gramophones, 2 radios (for decor), 5 trombones (New light fittings at Cask) and a banjolelle. (A 3 month anniversary present for Julie).

After the auction I got a message from the auction house saying they'd sent me a privet message and lo and behold they'd emailed me about hedges.

Met Ian for some beers after and waxed lyrical about the joys of online auctions and record shop progress. Oh and I think I agreed to go to a school reunion with Alison Blaylock from Doncaster Brewery. Just for an hour.

Thursday 15/05/14

As is the norm on a Thursday we had plans. What was startling about today was that we actually did most of them. I finished off my business plan and wrote an article for the second Doncapolitan magazine and stayed out of Julie's way while she hung the mirror I bought last week. Then I held a ladder while she threw ivy at me. (Insert your own joke here). The egg remains untouched though and we never made it to the Under The Stars night as promised. Next time. 

We did have a bonus Scrabble night though. I was really in this game. Some long, high scoring words flying out though I never did get the 8 letter word out. I was one N away from covering. Julie did however get HOODIES in, the S pluralising todger. Yes I'd put todger down. Sorry. 78 points. Had I been allowed UZI on a triple word score I may have had a chance. The dictionary allowed it, Scrabble checker didn't. I maintain it was wrong. The upshot is I lost by 58 points. 16-1!!

Friday 16/05/14

Another productive meeting with Mark Loraine from Sugarcane with yet more ideas flying around. Oh and he loves the name The Notorious Aardvark Record Shop. 

Then off to C.W. Harrison's in Ossett to pick up all my auction purchases courtesy of Gary Poole and his white van. Julie's dining room is now doubling as my store room apart from the banjolelle which she couldn't wait to get her hands on. It is gorgeous.

 Told you. 

Which kinda brings us up to where we started except it's now 1am. Still sucking on a cough sweet and hoping Julie's tired enough when she gets in to ignore my snoring and not kick me in to the spare bed.  

Saturday 17/05/14

You once again find me blogging at a strange time. 2am Sunday morning. Another night in while Julie grafted. The jury's still out as to whether I have a cold or have successfully developed hayfever for the first time. I don't need another allergy. I've already got one. Raspberries. It's a bugger to manage that one! If I eat enough raspberries I will turn purple and then projectile vomit, purple of course. It's a worry that the people who care for me most are the ones who really want to see me turn purple. 

I'm still signed up to a few jobsites and had 8 emails this morning all saying I should become a personal trainer. Do they not know I'm obese? 

Another productive day. A fence panel got fixed (by Julie), the grass got mown (by Julie), stuff got moved around in the bedroom (by Julie), the ostrich egg finally got drilled and turned into 3 cakes and a massive egg custard (by Julie) and spread sheets were sorted (by Julie) for me to start cataloguing the stock I've bought for the record shop. So that's what I've been doing for the last 9 hours. I did stop to wash up. I'm so useful round the house. 9 hours and so far I've done 81 CDs and 180 singles. The geek in me loves this kinda thing. Lots of cross referencing with Record Collector but it's obviously gonna be a mammoth job. Expect blogs about records for the foreseeable future.

Speaking of future I saw a lass with a t-shirt on yesterday that said 'F**k the future.' That just doesn't make sense.

Back to the records. Found a couple of gems so far. I didn't know they were gems til Record Collector told me of course. I've never even heard of Quiller!

Sunday 18/05/14

It's definitely a cold. Up all night coughing. Went to get in the spare bed only to find out it's reverted back to it's job as part time wardrobe so I just kept Julie awake instead.

More cataloguing of singles and eating ostrich egg (scrambled) before heading to Sine FM Towers for The Other Way. Joined this week by 1/3 of Smoking Beagles, James Taplin and Mick Holmes, and my favourite musical genius that is Mr. Alistair Pearson. They're all good friends of both mine and Julie's and regular performers at Cask Corner Open Mic Night so it was just one big get together. Getting them to pay attention was tricky at times and I got a bit shouty. I can only apologise and put it down to tiredness. Cracking show though.

The day ended with Scrabble. My first go was an 8 letter word. Astonish. Pretty apt really. It did me no good though as Julie clawed her way back. Neck and neck all the way to the death when I once again succumbed. Lost by 37 points. 17-1!!! It's a good job I love her and she can do miracles with ostrich eggs.

I can only presume that my best friend, Ian, doesn't read my blog as he's asked me to help him with some fence panels. That's where I'm heading now.



The Other Way Playlist Sunday 18/05/14

The Other Way - Polkadodge
Two Tribes - Frankie Goes To Hollywood
You And Me Song - The Wannadies
Heavy Horses - Fallen Trees
Chelsea Dagger - The Fratellis
Pirouette - Puppet Rebellion
I Got The Blues (Live) - James Taplin & Mick Holmes
All Together Now - The Farm
Follow You Home - Embrace
The Legend Of Dandelion And Shoe (Live) - Alistair Pearson
Valerie - The Zutons
Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin
I'm Free - The Soup Dragons ft Junior Reid
The Binary Song (Live) - Alistair Pearson ft James Taplin
This Is Not A Love Song - P.I.L.
Wrecking Ball - Bruce Springsteen
Smile - The Supernaturals
The Ballad Of The Last Politician - The Last Politician (Music Bomb)
Spanish Stroll - Mink De Ville
Wednesday Going Down (Live) - James Taplin & Mick Holmes
Sunny Afternoon - The Kinks
Spies - Famous Villians
Wessex Boy -Frank Turner
Utopia (Live) - Alistair Pearson
Rastamouse Theme
Is This Our Day In The Sunshine - Section 60
Please, Please, Please Let Me - The Smiths
Egyptian Reggae - Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers

Rastamouse was a mistake in so many ways but so worth it!

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