Monday, 5 May 2014

There's murmurings afoot

Good morning ladies and gentleman and welcome to the 250th blog from this here peanut/ex-sausage. Thank you to every one of you who has took the time to read my meanderings and for all the kind words. For those of you that haven't read the blog this is a pointless sentence 'cos your not reading this either. So, what damage was done last week?

Monday 28/04/14

I took it upon myself to clean Julie's fridge out. One of those jobs that as soon as you start you instantly regret. She's not a fan of waste but I'm not sure that excuses the jar of green dated Feb 2011. My chores done I headed into town to dance round Sainsbury's to Glenn Miller. It's the only way to shop. 

Of course Monday is the traditional Scrabble night and guess what? I lost. Handsomely. Losing 11-1 now! I did find a new game though. The dictionary we use to check if words like gropiest exist (sorry Baby but it's still not a word, even if it is a thing) has a speech function. I reverted back to childhood and got my laptop to say rude words. I'm 46 you know.

Tuesday 29/04/14

Doctors appointment. I've been coughing for 18 years now, or 2 months if you prefer and, having seen the adverts thought I better get my lungs checked out. After intensive stephoscoping the Doc said, 'Well your lungs are fine but we'll get them x-rayed just to be sure. How long have you had the heart murmur though?' 'Er, what heart murmur?' It would seem I have a murmuring heart. I've always found murmuring rude. If you've got something to say then say it out loud. I expect better from my body parts. 'Anyway, it's nothing to worry about unless you've been getting breathless or dizzy.' 'Ah, now you come to mention it....' So I'm being referred to a cardio dude. And since then every little twinge in my chest has had me panicking. I'm not enjoying my new found hypochondria. I decided there and then to stop smoking. Well, as soon as I'd finished the packet in my pocket.

 Highlight of the visit was having my blood pressure taken (It's fine by the way). (Ah ,the love of parenthesis continues) As the sleeve tightened round my arm blood spurted from the Julie inflicted secateurs wound on my finger all over the doc and his pristine surgery. He kindly gave me a plaster. I didn't get a lolly though. Oh how times have changed. 

Went back to Julie's and dug out all the things that I binned from the fridge that I shouldn't have.

A bonus Tuesday night game of Scrabble and as I smoked my 'last' cigarette Julie again hammered me.12-1!

Wednesday 30/04/14

Woke up with the mother of all b***ard, twatting, gits of a migraine. I put it down to not having a cigarette for 14 hours. The day was gone. Didn't even make it to open mic night at Cask. Anyone who suffers will know and those of you that call bad headaches migraines you have no idea!

Thursday 01/05/14

Julie's day off. Up there with Sundays (her other day off) as my favourite day of the week. So obviously on her day off she had to go into work briefly. For briefly read from 10am to 7:30pm. That girl works too hard. I spent the day on my business plan and arranging appointments necessary for the record store and then gallantly cooked when Julie got home, the least I could do really. I then got gallantly hammered at the 2nd bonus Scrabble game of the week. 13-1. Cant begrudge this one though after the day she'd had. Oh and I bought cigarettes. Sorry.

Friday 02/05/14

Had a meeting with Mark Lorraine and his colleagues at Sugarcane re a website for the record store. It was awesome. The ideas and enthusiasm buzzing round the room was overwhelming. I'm more excited than ever. Mark is a good friend and, I think, a potential genius.

Friday afternoon saw me nipping over to Chesterfield, a brave move on my part, to visit Tallbird Records. A massive thank you to Maria (the tall bird) for her info, help and list of contacts.

A rare quiet night in alone on Friday evening. I was bored out of my head.

Saturday 03/05/14

Met my daughter George and her fella for lunch, somewhat bizarrely in Bawtry. Still the NYC Grill is well worth a visit. Whilst there I nervously followed Rovers last game shenanigans on my phone. Another nail biting end to the season with once again Rovers fate being sealed in injury time. Sadly the complete reverse of last season and it's back to League One we go. 

Back home to raise a glass to my Mum (she would have been 77 today) and to find out that a Rovers' fan had passed out at the game and died in Leicester hospital later that afternoon. Puts it all into perspective. It is, after all, only a game. Took me too many years to realise that.

A drunken night out followed with Rob Dannatt. The 20p came out. (More brackets. Me and Rob occasionally decide the fate of our nights out on the toss of a 20p coin which is why we have been seen in Sugar Lounge and Number 15 before. I think we do it for fun but I'm not convinced. It's more like torture). Thankfully, for some reason, we ignored the 20p this night. I think it was when Baileys was mentioned. Sorry Marc.

Staggered home with a kebab that I didn't want and ended up giving away. Money well spent. Fell into bed and didn't enjoy Sunday morning at all.

Sunday 04/05/14

Had to make my own bacon. Never good. Off to Julie's at 4 to find her full of cold and basically feeling crap. She works too hard. I may have mentioned that. Sine FM at 6 for The Other Way and joined this week by local Blues Legend Mick Simpson. If I told you the people he's worked with we'd be here all day. He played at BB King's 80th birthday bash. Think that says all you need to know. Had a really good chat, and more importantly lots of laughs, and played tracks off his new album. It's sublime. He's live at Cask this Friday. Be there. 

Back to Julie's, made bacon. Slept.

And that's it.

Just to say if you're in Donny town centre next Saturday I'm hosting the Sine FM stage at Clock Corner from 10am - 4pm, all part of the DNweekeND. A wealth of talent on display so pop over and enjoy some of the best in local music. Oh and the first edition of the Doncopolitan magazine comes out the same day and I've a Bang Bang Romeo article included. We should have copies with us to give away.



The Other Way Playlist Sunday 04/05/14

The Other Way - Polkadodge
Baba O'Riley - The Who
Follow You Home - Embrace
Trouble Brewing - Mick Simpson
Town Without Pity - Eddie Reader
Torn On The Platform - Jack Penate
Shimmer Gold - Dexters
Cabron - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Unfinished Business - Mick Simpson
Nightswimming - R.E.M.
Utopia - Alistair Pearson
Common People - William Shatner
Play Piano - Barstow Bats
Ivory Tower - Malaya Blue
Mr. Brightside - The Killers
Pretty Vacant - The Sex Pistols
Rise - P.I.L.
Rotations - The Darlingtons
Bourbon Street - Malaya Blue
Special Brew - Bad Manners
Little Wing - Jimi Hendrix
Never Fade Away - Spector
For The Love Of You - Mick Simpson
Happy Hour - The Housemartins
Egyptian Reggae - Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers

Apologies for the Shatner track but I had a VERY good reason.

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