Monday, 29 October 2012

Stir Fry and Cherry Blossom

So last night was stir fry and Cherry Blossom. Trust me on that, it's all good. Joined on this morning's show by Annette Ramsay and Gary Winterman from Rock4Youth. An awesome event taking place at Donny Dome on November 24th. Some truly great bands, Pure Pearl Jam, Jery At Controls, Unicorn Hunters, Lu More, Rita Payne to name but a few and all for a great cause. Follow them on twitter @Rock4Youth and get involved.
Today's show was curtailed due to a drugs and alcohol test at Amazon. The answer's C, Guinness. Due to an admin cock up it never happened! Joy of joys! Still an enjoyable show quoting Shakespeare and discussing fielding positions with Richard Pierce. If we'd played in the same team we could have discussed all things Pistols whilst poised ready and alert behind the stumps. Played some new stuff as per, The Kayas - Salute The Magpie. Highly recommended.
And on to tonight. (Bad grammar, sorry R and S)! Sheffield beckons, The Pilots, General Fiasco and Little Comets upstairs at the O2 with the aforementioned Blossom. Downstairs The Enemy are playing so hoping to get a chat with Tom Clarke while I'm there. 2 birds etc. And that's that. Off to discover which luminaries have a birthday tomorrow and cook bacon, oh and Sheila, I cant do coconut!

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