Tuesday, 16 September 2014

What Time Do You Call This?

I'm fully aware I'm a bit late this week. Had another big weekend and it wiped me out a bit. Had a corker of a headache Monday and Tuesday and I slept most of Tuesday. I was kindly woken by the window cleaner who saved me the hassle of having to shower. 

My flat is on the first floor (second floor I believe to Darrin and Jack over in Fishers, Indiana). My bed is next to a window. The window was open. The window cleaner dispensed with the ladder idea and went down the hose-with-brush-attachment-on-a-long-pole route. You can probably guess the rest. 

Last week I failed to open a tin of spam and wondered why my non-drain tuna needed draining. Oh and I have no idea what else I did last week of any relevance to anything. Ever. 

Monday 08/09/14

Scrabble happened at night. I lost. Just, if memory serves me correctly. 48-22 is now the running total. Now I know I didn't just sit around all day Monday waiting to play Scrabble but I'm buggered if I know what else I did.

Tuesday 09/09/14

Scrabble happened at night. I lost. Just, if memory serves me correctly. 49-22 is now the running total. Now I know I didn't just sit around all day Tuesday waiting to play Scrabble but I'm buggered if I know what else I did.

I moved some furniture! I remember now. I got sweaty and knackered moving furniture. And before that I had lunch with my eldest daughter, George. It's all coming back to me now. As you read this she'll have started her first job. I feel both proud and old!

Wednesday 10/09/14

My God what do I do with my time!! I put a bed together today. I'm on it as we speak. It's stayed intact for nearly a week. Possibly my most successful bit of D.I.Y. ever. 

Thursday 11/09/14

I'm sure at some point I did something exciting! Today could have been the spam and tuna fiasco. I so need this shop to open soon!

Friday 12/09/14

Right. Things happened today. Good things. I know this. First up an email from St. Modwen with the lease attached for The Notorious Aardvark Record Shop. All in order and I arranged to sign and get the keys on Monday (that didn't happen but you'll have to wait for next week's thrilling instalment to find out why). 

I then got notification from Galtres Festival that part of the Gig Junkies review I did with Mark Loraine had been included on their website. 

It was Leger weekend (sorry Steve, St. Leger weekend) so any excuse to get out of Donny. I've watched Doncaster Rovers home and away for 35 years now and even in the dark days of the 80s I've never come across anything quite as intimidating as the race crowd. Fallen Trees were playing Greystones in Sheffield. Perfect excuse. 

Myself and Mark's first visit to Greystones and it's a quality venue. Great boozer with an array of real ales and a tidy little venue at the back. It's halfway up one of Sheffield's famous seven hills. Looking down on the lights of Sheffield with an orange harvest moon sat low in the sky was a sight to behold. 

They did struggle a bit with the sound, let's face it, Fallen Trees are loud. I'm gonna do a separate review of the gig so wont go into too much detail here. They were magnificent though.

Got back to Donny in time to catch Groom Lake Fugitives at Diamond Live Lounge. Julie was enjoying a rare night out. I rang her from the gents in Diamond to find out she was in the ladies. Had a drink and left her to her night out as I headed home.

Saturday 13/09/14

St. Leger Day. Had a facebook rant about the number of people in Donny who spell it Ledger then rang Julie to make plans for Saturday night. Needed an excuse to get out of Donny. Do I need to do the race crowd bit again? Thought not. The Dunwells playing at The Plug in Sheffield. Perfect.

Julie had took a week off but spent most of it fixing her leaking toilet (and there's me bragging about putting a bed together). She ended up having to buy a new one and what with the excesses of the night before and toilet installation she ended up over sleeping. 

She rang me to say she'd be late and unfortunately too late to catch the start of the gig. After much negotiation (I didn't really fancy Julie being at the station with the race crowd, and added to that the scum that are the EDL mingling about, on her own) it was agreed that she can look after herself and she would meet me at The Plug.

So as I'm about to get on my train Julie rings me to say she can't come 'cos she spent all her money buying the toilet and has neither bus, train or taxi fare. As it was had we got a later train we'd have missed support act Ginger Tom. I love these guys so much. 

Ginger Tom are Tom Prendergast and Dan (Washy) Washbourn and they have a line in harmonies that has to be heard to be believed. I bumped into them as soon as I walked into The Plug and persuaded them to come on Sunday's show so we shall discuss them later.

Next up Leeds bands and friends of The Dunwells, City Of Lights. I love The Plug. It's up there with Nottingham Rock City and King Tut's, Glasgow as my favourite venue but it was a bit of a flat crowd tonight. City Of Lights had to work hard but by there closing number, title track off their latest album, Live And Learn, they'd got the crowd down at the front lapping up every glorious note. Definitely a band to watch out for.

Like Fallen Trees I'm gonna do a separate review of The Dunwells gig. Third time I've seen them (fourth if you include the one chord I caught when they played a free acoustic gig in Donny town centre) and they just get better and better. They've just announced they're playing Diamond Lounge on Nov. 21st. Be there. Saying that I've got tickets that night for Polkadodge and Southpaw in Sheffield that night. Oh the dilemma.

Last train back to Donny then straight round to Julie's to tell her just what she missed and to get fed.

Sunday 14/09/14

Today was the Cerebra Charity Music Festival that I'd offered to compare. It was a messy start to the day. Still tired from gigging I had to be up early to get from Wheatley to Balby. Shower, change, get my stuff for the radio and off to Sine FM to drop said stuff off. Then to Cask Corner to let Dave Wood in to get his gear to do the sound for the event then down to the Corn Exchange for the gig itself. Cerebra raise money for children with neurological conditions and brain injuries. A very worthwhile cause and a great day's entertainment in store. It'd take too long to review every artist that played so somewhat rudely I'm not going to. 

I had to dip out at just gone 5 to set up for The Other Way, just as Ginger Tom came on stage. Another reason to get 'em on the show. Didn't want to miss out. Julie had planned on joining me at some point during the day but was still battling with plumbing stuff so joined myself and Alistair at Sine FM Towers. I'm not gonna lie. I was knackered from the weekend's gigs and the voice was a little shot from a day of hosting. Alistair was a little weary too so a bit of a subdued show where I failed to successfully say the phrase 'I'm just off to varnish my banana' and I invented the word 'pleh' purely 'cos I was too tired to say the word 'pleasure'.

Ginger Tom did a couple of live acoustic songs for us. I've had many a band live in the studio and with all duo respect to every single one of them Ginger Tom are the first to actually leave me speechless. Second track, Never Be Enough, ends with the most gorgeous acapella harmonies. It left a lump in my throat, a tear in my eye and I was literally lost for words.

So, despite my tiredness (I'm such a martyr to the cause) myself and Julie headed to The Red Lion where the Cerebra gig was finishing off. I'm not sure questioning whether the stage was big enough for David Bailey's ego was my most tactful line but it was one of my funniest. And apologies to Ken Perkins who out of the corner of my eye I thought was about to invade the stage as I was doing my final bit of announcing. As it was he was just reminding me of someone I had to mention and I, somewhat rudely, elbowed someone who's been a mate for 25 years in the throat! I put it down to tiredness. So with Groom Lake Fugitives busy tearing a hole in The Red Lion roof my work was done and me and the equally tired but more gorgeous Julie headed home. 

So a slow week turned into a hectic weekend. Perfect.

I'm off to varnish a banana.



The Other Way Play List Sunday 14/09/14

The Other way - Polkadodge
Country Girl - Primal Scream
Communicate - The Dunwells
The KKK Took My Baby Away - The Ramones
Safe European Home - The Clash
Babies - Pulp
Devil Gate Drive - Suzi Quatro
7 Years (Live) - Ginger Tom
Hot In The City - Billy Idol
Go Right Ahead - The Hives
Never Be Enough (Live) - Ginger Tom
Scars - Ginger Tom
Black Swan - The Struts
Teenage Kicks - Nouvelle Vague
Seven Times Around The Sun - The Jim Jones Revue
Psycho Killer - Talking Heads
The Assist - The Assist
World Wide Web - 13 Women
Live And Learn - City Of Lights
Never Fade Away - Spector
Life - Beans On Toast
Twistin' The Night Away - Sam Cooke
Egyptian Reggae - Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers

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