Monday, 22 September 2014

I Believe We've Met Before

Buenas tardes. ¿Tienes alguna plátanos embalsamados?

That's for the lone Mexican who read last week's blog.

It's been another mixed bag of a week. Mixed bag. Bit of an odd saying if you think about it. I suppose it's a bit like a lucky dip. I used to like lucky dips, though I invariably ended up with bath salts. Anyway, here goes:

Monday 15/09/14

As documented last week I had a twat of a headache (that is the official medical term) all day but forced myself into town to sign the papers for the lease on The Notorious Aardvark Record Shop. There had been a bit of a hitch in that the figures they'd quoted for service charges had changed (in my favour) so it was more a checking everything else was OK on the paperwork session before it went back to the solicitors. 

Everything in order so home to eat then off to Julie's to moan about my headache and use it as an excuse not to get beat at Scrabble.

Tuesday 16/09/14

As documented last week etc. etc. etc. Headache still in full flow. I slept. A lot. Till the window cleaner went for me with his extended chamois. Is that right? It looks wrong. Can we just go with shammy? I've always liked Tuesdays but feel I need to find something more exciting to do with them. I might make Tuesdays my hat wearing day.

Wednesday 17/09/14

Woke up by a phone call from St. Modwen. The revised paperwork was ready. Into town to sign papers. For those that aren't aware the shop will be in Kingsgate, Waterdale. Facebook followers may already know that. The evening found me at Cask Corner's Open Mic night where Alistair did a marvellous rendition of Free Bird. He changed the tune and all the words and it sounded very much like his own song, Music, but it has to go down as one of the best covers ever,

Thursday 18/09/14

Julie's day off so went over mid morningish (about 3pm) and did very little apart from eat a quite wonderful homemade fish pie that made us both sleep. God knows what was in it. Fish is my best guess. 

Friday 19/09/14

Had a meeting with Mark Loraine about the shop website which will now hopefully be active sometime very soon, once I've written a few bits and bobs for it. Bumped into my mate Kerry in the Market Deli who was inexplicably carrying a potato round with her. Had another brief meeting with St. Modwen about a press release and that was it really. Stayed in on a Friday night.

I know!!

Made it my new music session. Nottingham band House Of Thieves sent me some tracks over. Brilliant stuff. Had a good chat on Facebook and for once managed to keep my promise of playing them on Sunday's show. 

Saturday 20/09/14

Gigging tonight with Ian. The Pieces at The Leadmill. We totally failed to make it. We met at the allotted time. Kind of. I was waiting in The Leopard. Ian got there and walked straight out as he refused to be served in a plastic glass. Er, obviously the beer was being served in plastic glasses (my favourite oxymoron), not that Ian was wearing a plastic glass. That would just be weird. 

We relocated to The Corner Pin and discussed our folly of going to Sheffield the same day Rovers had played Chesterfield at home. A lot of Spireites milling about, 99% of whom were a joy to chat with despite Rovers winning 3-2. Sadly the 1% were on the same platform as us when we finally got to the station and were basically looking for what I believe is called a bit of a rumble. We got a bit confused by the train times then realised that the train we wanted had somehow turned into a bus so we headed to The Railway with the plan of catching a later train.

We lost track of time and missed that train then the lethargy set in. We kind of agreed that neither of us were really bothered about the gig but having bought tickets felt we should go really. We decided the flip of a coin would seal our fate. Tails. We stayed in Donny. Ian ran off to the station to give the tickets away and we headed into town. 

Sunday 21/09/14

Sunday's have developed a bit of a pattern. I wake feeling a tad groggy. Eventually do some half arsed planning for the radio then head off to Sine FM Towers to do The Other Way.  Since Alistair became co-host we're playing fewer and fewer songs. So much for my half arsed planning. I do feel bad about the new bands I promise to play and then fail to. It is a lot of fun though. Quality live music again from James Taplin and Mick Holmes and I managed to render Alistair speechless through laughter. I can't quite remember how. Something to do with deja vu. (Allo, my name is Dave Ja Vu. I believe we have met before). I could be paraphrasing myself. 

We did establish that the 50p and £2 coin seem to be the nation's favourite, though threepenny bits got quite a mention. Alistair used to like Cox's and the jury is still out on cucumbers. 

We did successfully play iPod Roulette though!

I caused some controversy by changing the closing music. Oh the abuse. Back to Jonathan Richman next week.

Since The Strutters got on board we get inundated with messages and requests and I do try to keep up but quite obviously fail abysmally for which I can only apologise.

The night ended in another Scrabble defeat. I was never in this one. Julie has reached her half century. 50-22 is now the running total. Oh and Julie managed to mistake spinach for meat in the Polish shop and made me eat green.

And so ends another week in  the life of a Freelance Peanut.



The Other Way Play List Sunday 21/09/14

The Other Way - Polkadodge
Good Morning Britain - Aztec Camera ft Mick Jones
Homesick - Catfish And The Bottlemen
Temptation - New Order
Swampsnake - The Sensational Alex Harvey Band
Heart Of Glass - Blondie
Tequila - Terrorvision
Lovers Tiff - House Of Thieves
Dirty Sexy Money - The Struts
Freakin' Out - Graham Coxon
Church Not Made With Hands - The Waterboys
Back In The U.S.S.R - The Beatles
Way Back Home - Rupert Stroud
Wednesday Going Down (Live) - James Taplin & Mick Holmes
Drinkin' My Whisky - Slug The Nightwatchman
Goodnight My City - The Dunwells
Papa Loves Mambo - Perry Como
Zorba The Greek

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