Monday, 8 September 2014

Accentuate The Positive

I've been struggling where to go with this week's blog. As I'm sure many of you are aware I started a bit of a furore on Facebook when I questioned the funding Doncaster Live received and as to why local bands weren't paid. It culminated with a couple of individuals posting lies and personal abuse about me. It's tempting to dedicate the whole blog to that but I really don't want to dwell on it too much. 

I've been involved with the Doncaster music scene for 5 years now and all I've ever wanted to do is to support and help local music as much as I can. I can't deny that the abuse, from two people who neither know me or anything about me, hurt and I did briefly question whether I wanted to be as heavily involved any more. But the support I've had has been overwhelming and I will be eternally grateful to every one of you who has backed me up. It is also worth noting that last week was a very positive one as regards musicians and reminded me just why I do what I do.

So here goes. Standard Scrabble fueled blog:

Monday 01/09/14

The day started with a call from Danny Landau. You may recall Danny and his band's set at Galtres Festival was my set of the weekend after they had overcome such adversity to put on an excellent performance. It transpired that the sound engineer had had one too many and fallen asleep on a hay bale somewhere. We arranged for Danny to come on the show in October prior to a gig at the Doncaster Ukranian Club.

I then got a call from St. Modwen saying the record shop paperwork was now with the solicitors. 

See. Positives.

Had a random message from a chap called James Johnstone asking if I'd be so kind to listen to his band, Leeds based 30/32. We had a good chat, he listened to any advice I had to offer and was a delight to speak with. This is why I do what I do!

The evening saw me at Cask Corner to celebrate Julie's third anniversary of running this fine establishment. Scrabble was mentioned but we ended up playing charades with Graham and Sarah Sutherland, James Taplin, Mick Holmes, Bluesy Steve, Tony Nicholson and Joie Carruthers. I wont go into details but Private Joiewank is my new favourite song. 

Tuesday 02/09/14

Bizarrely had another message just like the 30/32 one, this time from Mikey Stanton and his Walsall band The Assist. I had to message him this morning 'cos I failed abysmally to squeeze them onto yesterday's show. Next week, I promise.

Wednesday 03/09/14

I did actually make notes this week to remind me what I'd done but as per I cant read them. It would appear that today I 'England awake bed owed toad flyer'. Do with that what you will. 

Thursday 04/09/14

Had a meeting today with quality Donny band Fallen Trees and Mark Loraine. Myself and Mark have a plan to start up a label and management company (non profit making) to run in conjunction with The Notorious Aardvark Record Shop (hopefully profit making). Fallen Trees are a band we really want to work with. It was a definite meeting of the minds and I look forward to working together. Julie was in attendance. I don't know anyone in this town with a better knowledge of the national blues scene.  

Friday 05/09/14

Here goes. Donny Live - Day one. As I said, there's been enough bile and vitriol flying about so let's stick to the music. I got there in time for opening act and Sine FM competition winner MistaKay. Kieran is such a nice lad who has been through so much in his young life. He sings/raps from the heart and with age will hone his stagecraft and become another major talent that this town has to offer. 

Fluidity were up next. I know singer/guitarist Owen wont mind me saying he's the most talented Ginger in Doncaster. They're a band I really need to catch more 'cos I love them every time I see them. 

Next The 48ks bringing the tunes as always but this time with the bounce and personality that I know they have. Now a 6 piece and with a few shake ups planned before their EP release it looks like being an exciting end to 2014. (Bass player Adam is the 2nd most talented Ginger in Donny).

Time for Bang Bang Romeo, now firmly established on the This Feeling rosta and regularly filling venues in Camden. I called for them to headline Doncaster Live months ago and stand by that more than ever. If Tarantino is ever struggling for a soundtrack he doesn't have to look anywhere else. Immense. Epic. Sublime.

I now headed off to Cask for three of my favourite acts: Alistair Pearson, The Velcro Teddy Bears and Polkadodge. Alistair, genius as ever has a CD for sale and needs a new hat. Buy the CD. (I'm on it). (Twice). (The love of brackets continues).

Someone once asked me to pigeonhole The Velcro Teddy Bears into a genre. I gave my standard answer of go listen and then you tell me. If you really need an answer let's go with blues/folk rock/americana/indie. Or we could just go with class.

Those who know me know I LOVE Polkadodge. I did have slight worries about them bringing their original indie/pop to Cask, more of a blues and rock bar. I needn't have. They nailed it. The place was a heaving, sweaty mess of people leaping about and singing away to songs they'd only just discovered. I was in Cask on Saturday too. The place was awash with Polkadodge t-shirts. Brilliant. 

Saturday 06/09/14

The day started in church. Way out of my comfort zone. I was there for Hollie Sue Morrell's album launch. Alistair was performing too. Given the somewhat irreverent (and wholly inappropriate for a Sunday) feel with given to the radio show I did expect to get struck down by lightning. I'm guessing to a few people's disappointment we, quite obviously survived. I have to say we (particularly Alistair's girlfriend Julie) didn't behave particularly well. Nice acoustics though.

Masons next to see Jim and Mick in a flooded beer garden. The weather was frowning on the start of Donny Live day two. I wanted to catch friend and the second Sine FM competition winner Sick Note Tez but I'd only just gelled my hair. Eventually I did brave it to see Donny's own angry middle aged man. Quality set as always.

I'm appalled to say that this was the first time I'd seen Ginger Tom. They've been recommended to me for ages, absolutely stormed Tramlines by all accounts and yet I'd failed to catch them. A stripped down acoustic set but showed enough gifted songwriting to leave me wanting more. 

Time for a wander again (if anyone asks I was never there). Shambollix at The Woolpack. Punk (and then some) covers of the highest order. Original? No. Fun? Oh God yes! I left the sweaty mess of The Woolpack to find Cask Corner an equally sweaty mess as Dexter Dextrous and the Fingersmiths swing their way through some serious crowd pleasing moments. I don't think I've ever seen Cask so manic. The whole place was bouncing. A fitting end to Julie's third year anniversary week. 

Sunday 07/09/14

Standard lazy day before heading to Sine FM Towers for The Other Way and our let's see how many people we can fit in a small room competition. Alistair is now officially installed as my co-host. Julie was there too, as was Jim Taplin. Mick Holmes joined us later on and for the first time, after years of promising he could come and do some radio with me, Chris Walker (star of stage and screen and the most knowledgeable person when it comes to bread I know) was there too with his son, Gabriel. Another ridiculous show with tweets from Sheffield, America and God, an in depth discussion on sandwiches, politics (kind of) and banana embalming. 

Home to Scrabble and I won!! Just. 6 points. 47-22 is now the running total. 

And that was that. I'm off to try and assemble a bed. (and some ramparts)



The Other Way Play List Sunday 07/09/14

The Other Way - Polkadodge
In Between Days - The Cure
Tonight - Fluidity
Night Mail - Public Service Broadcasting
Where Did She Go - The Struts
Recurring Dream - Tankus The Henge
Love/Hate - 30/32
The Binary Song - Alistair Pearson
Spread Your Love - Black rebel Motorcycle Club
Debaser - Pixies
Molly Grey - Sick Note Tez
Torn On The Platform - Jack Penate
I Got The Blues (Live) - James Taplin and Mick Holmes
Sometimes - James
Bring On The Dancing Horses - Echo And The Bunnymen
Johannesburg - Bang Bang Romeo
If I Had A Million Dollars - Barenaked Ladies
If I Ever Stray - Frank Turner
Egyptian Reggae - Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers

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