Monday, 31 March 2014

Je t'adore aimez quatre vingt dix neuf grand chevaux

¡buenas tardes

For the lone Mexican no doubt getting confused by this blog.

So it's diary time again.

Monday 24/03/14

Pie and scrabble night. Thankfully, and probably due to the excesses of the weekend (see last week's blog) Mrs. Aardvark was too tired to make pie or play scrabble. Shame about the pie. I'd slaved over a hot shopping bag. Blessing on the scrabble. I got a 24 hour reprieve on the weekly humiliation.

Tuesday 25/03/14

Pie and scrabble night #2. Attempted to have a John and Yoko style bed in but we couldn't find anything to protest about and despite appeals on facebook no-one would deliver us food or fags. Had to get up as Miss Aardvark Jnr called round. Pie was made and consumed after a facebook pie-off with Andy and Val Constantine and the scrabble board made an appearance. 0 for 5. Though I did come second. This cant hide the fact that I lost by over 130 points. Worst effort yet.

Wednesday 26/03/14

Open Mic Night at Cask Corner and arguably the best this year with Smoking Beagles, Groomlake Fugitives (we'll gloss over Turning Japanese), Passion Play and The Last Politician all putting in stunning sets. My best mate Ian turned up and was a tad horrified when I ordered coffee. I have my reasons!

Thursday 27/03/14

A rare night in alone. Been a while and I'd totally forgot what to do. No TV to get angry at. Discussed my plight on facebook and ended up having a conversation about alcoves, monsters, lingerie models and band names with Chris Perkins and Darrin Snider which whiled away the hours. Look out for My Monsters Are Imaginary's first release later this summer.

Friday 28/03/14

Continental market in town. I love it even if last time it was here I got attacked by topiary. Could easily spend a fortune. I didn't thankfully. A quick chicken provencale in the sun perched on the steps of St. George's and off to view premises for the on going record store plan. Early days but I want this:

Watch that space. Home, shower, out. Quality covers band The Patriots at Cask Corner. A catch up with some very old friends. (old as in known em years not that they're particularly old) and home again.

Saturday 29/03/14

Gig day. Dexters supported by Section 60 at The Leadmill. A hugely anticipated one for me. Continental market first though. I could easily spend a fortune. I did. On mead, fudge and chicken provencale. A rapid destaining of the shirt (chicken) and jeans (coffee) and off to Sheffield. Section 60 interview at half four then Dexters at 6. Dressing room with a beer and those cheeky Section 60 boys were we talked football and beer. This is the life. Then a call to Dexters tour manager. 'We're in the pub, we can do the interview in the beer garden'. Splendid. Over to The Royal Standard. Imagine my surprise to find two Velcro Teddybears behind the bar. I should point out Velcro Teddybears are a Sheffield band who just happen to run a pub. Interview with Tom and Jamie from Dexters outside. Another good un. Last year Dexters played at The Leopard supported by Bang Bang Romeo. For some reason that night Tom and Joel from BBR swapped shirts. Half way through the interview I realised Tom was wearing Joel's shirt. Bit surreal that.

I shall be doing a full review of the gig with the interviews in a separate blog. Back into the pub where I spilt Guinness on a dog and chatted with the band about how James Earl Jones is typecast, how Darth Vader would have sounded if they'd let David Prowse do the voice and Arsenal's signing policy. The Gooners were on the TV playing Man City. Tom's a big Gooner.

The gig was awesome. Dexters debut album is, for me, the album of the year. This was the gig of the year.

Back home to Mrs. Aardvark who chose to speak French to me. Always good.

Sunday 30/03/14

Mother's Day. My 11th since my Mum died. Never an easy day but this was a good one. Meal at San Remo's with the Family Aardvark before they all joined me at Sine FM Towers. A more chilled show this week. Possibly cos I'd eaten way too  much. Cliff Richard sneaking into the play list for my Mum then home to discuss the burping habits of Sir Cliff. Maybe you had to be there for that one.

So Monday again. First Mapfest meeting in an hour then no doubt a return to the standard Monday night Scrabble thrashing.



The Other Way Playlist Sunday 30/03/14

The Other Way - Polkadodge
Sally Cinnamon - The Stone Roses
Bright Side Of The Road - Van Morrison
Walkaway - Cast
Lead The Way - The 48ks
The World Was Sleeping - The Landed (Exclusive)
Be My Yoko Ono - Barenaked Ladies
Shimmer Gold - Dexters
Reputation - Section 60
Wrecking Ball - Bruce Springsteen
Red Cortina - The Saw Doctors
Blink Of An Eye - You Addiction
The Rest Of The World Has Gone Home - The Courteeners
Follow The Road - The Dunwells
Burn This City - Famous Villains
Carnival - Bang Bang Romeo
American Slang - The Gaslight Anthem
Cherry Bomb - John Mellencamp
Things To Talk About - The Landed (Exclusive)
London Calling - The Clash
Keep The Car Running - Arcade Fire
Rotations - The Darlingtons
Inertia - Laminate Pet Animal (Music Bomb)
Wild Wild Life - Talking Heads
Dignity - Deacon Blue
Union City Blue - Blondie
The Next Time - Cliff Richard
Can You Dig It? - The Mock Turtles
Egyptian Reggae - Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers

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