Monday, 13 October 2014

With Wood Chip Finally Off The wall

Well, apologies first of all for no blog last week. You didn't miss much to be honest. Been that busy working on the shop that I just didn't have time to blog. This also means had I blogged it would read like this:


Stripped wood chip off the walls.


Stripped wood chip off the walls.


Who the pigging hell still uses wood chip anyway? Still stripping it off the bloody walls.



Admittedly it also means I didn't get to blog about Julie's birthday shenanigans, waking up in bed with half a peanut butter sandwich, a holy (sic) inappropriate radio show and my biggest thrashing ever at Scrabble but them's the breaks.

I digress.


Monday 06/10/14

Stripped wood chip off the wall. Actually that's a lie. But let's face it, all my dubious D.I.Y is gonna be very dull so take it as read that pretty much all I did Monday to Thursday was sand/fill/clean/sweep/make coffee etc at the shop. There was the odd pint at The Doncaster Brewery Tap (it's pure coincidence that the shop is so close to The Tap I could probably frisbee a well aimed vinyl straight through their door) and I did sleep and eat but that's about it. Still, we've gone from this:

to this:

to this:

Friday 10/10/14

Working at the shop when Ken Perkins nipped by to tell me the sad news that Jumping Dave Eynott had died. 

Dave was a real character around Donny. Anyone who saw him play pool will know where the nickname Jumping came from. Anyone who saw him watch a live band will know where his other nickname, Dancing Dave, came from. Some people try hard to be 'a character' and they just come off being loud and obnoxious. Dave was just himself. He went out to enjoy himself. That's what made Dave the man he was. And behind the dancing was one of the most kind hearted, genuine people I ever knew. On a personal note, on my first night out back in Donny after coming back from Chesterfield Dave was the person to welcome me back. 'I'm sorry it didn't work out but it's good to have you back, and you're back amongst friends'. 


Spent the afternoon doing the first coat of paint on the shop floor with Julie. I was meant to be in Scunthorpe Friday night with The 48ks but by the time I'd finished painting it was too late. Plan B was to go to Sheffield. I'd been invited by the people at The Rocking Chair to see Glass Caves. But once I'd eaten and showered I made the crucial error of sitting down to have five. Once I could move again Sheffield was off the agenda so settled for a few in town.

Saturday 11/10/14

I say I only had a few Friday night but it did lead to me running very late Saturday morning. Had the second coat to do on the floor. Sailed through it, dancing as I painted and the sun shone through the windows. Finished in time for a jar in Cask before heading home, shower, eat and back out. Bang Bang Romeo headlining Sheffield O2 for the first time tonight and was meeting Rob Dannatt and Mark Loraine at half 6. 

After various delays we finally got to the O2 for about half 8. Caught the end of The SSS' set. Enjoyable but the kinda music you'd put on whilst you're doing something else, like washing up or brushing the hamster. Nothing that grabbed you round the throat, dragged you to the front and made you pay attention. Which is exactly what Bang Bang Romeo do.

I've waxed lyrical about BBR many a time but they deserve every single superlative. In fact after Saturday night's performance we might have to invent some more. They were simply on fire. The gig was touted as possibly their last as an unsigned band. I really hope so. They deserve ever bit of success.

An early finish lead to us being back in Donny for 11. Bad move. Cask, Woolpack (with a stop off for pie 'cos Rob Dannatt has yet to learn night out etiquette) and I cant remember much more. This was bad as on Sunday I was meant to start varnishing the shop floor.

Sunday 12/10/14

Julie was hoping to help me varnish today but her sciatica has flared up again so she couldn't make it. My hangover was so grateful. So it was a day chilling before heading to Sine FM Towers for The Other Way. Alistair was in fine fettle again. JJ from The First 45 joined us, briefly, and looked frankly disturbed at our tangents. I try not to think of them. Think I'd be worried if I paid attention. Just be warned, hide your yoghurts when the Doncaster Yak cull starts. And can I just apologise for throwing things at Alistair throughout the show. Julie Bear (for a run down on the show's Julies see The Other Way 28/10/14) was there as a silent witness and keeping up our contractual obligation to have a Julie in the studio at all times. I think she sees her role as first aid in case one of us laughs ourselves to death. It has become a competition as to who can make the other speechless with laughter. I think I'm winning 2-1. We did manage to play iPod Roulette

and I finally got to play People Like You by WTF Audio, the track I've been longing to play for ages. Chris Perkins finally sent me the final edit last week. It is the catchiest thing ever with a stunning vocal from the multi talented Laura Kelly. I absolutely love it. 

And that was that. Before I go can I just say thank you for everyone showing their support for The Notorious Aardvark Record Shop. It's all a bit humbling.

Thank you all



The Other Way Play List Sunday 12/10/14

The Other Way - Polkadodge
Harvest Moon - Neil Young    (For Jumping Dave)
1979 - Smashing Pumpkins
Highway Shoes - Holy Moly And The Crackers
High On A Hill - Ian McNabb
Solsbury Hill - Peter Gabriel
Possessed - Vegas
People Like You - WTF Audio
Family Man - Mike Oldfield
Reach Out - Bang Bang Romeo
Frog Princess - The Divine Comedy
Undercover Of The Night - The Rolling Stones
Whiskey In The Jar - Metallica
Lose Control - James
Time Ticks Away - The Monday Club
Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
She Makes Me Feel - The Struts
I Wanna Be Sedated - The Ramones
The Snake - Al Wilson
Egyptian Reggae - Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers

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